Emilio Campaign Responds

The Emilio Vicente Campaign Responds to their platform writer 

I would like to address the statement that one of my former team members posted today. 

Though Ishmael Bishop was once one of the students working on our platform, he has not been an active member of our team in weeks. All of us were surprised and confused by his comments on Facebook today, especially as just a week or so ago, Ishmael posted on his Facebook that Andrew Powell’s “many privileges of race, class and gender won him the (DiPhi) endorsement.” Upon his most recent post, I approached Ishmael and asked to meet to resolve any issues. Ishmael has refused to meet with me. 

While disappointing, none of this changes my determination to fight tuition hikes, stand with survivors of sexual assault, and represent all students in our community’s most important conversations. I entered the SBP race not to gain national attention (or be an identity based candidate) but because I would like to see a Carolina community that is more inclusive, more receptive to all students on campus. If you have any questions, please message me. I do appreciate feedback!


It seems that things are getting interesting in this race…

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