Winston Howes SBP Interview

CR Daily: Why are you running for Student Body President?

Howes: “I am running for Student Body President (SBP) to see my goals as a leader get done. I see many problems with the infrastructure, and through my leadership, I want to improve that. I also believe through my personal life experiences, and I know I can get my ideas done, and I think my leadership can take the campus in a positive direction.”

CR Daily: What will be some of your main goals in office?

Howes: “I think that my goals can only be achieved through by elected to office. My platform focuses on three major areas:

1)      The dinner for 8 concept. This program would allow students to sign up for a dinner once a month with fellow classmates from differing grades. It will be a great way for students to get outside of their own social bubble and meet new people from different lifestyles. The program will allow the students to attend a dinner. I think one of the more important dinners would be a special first-year, senior dinner, thus allowing the first-years some older students to talk to.

2)      The second concept that I have is an idea I like to call Open UNC. This allows for a greater access to online resources. I am currently working on a mobile UNC app. This app will allow the student to see their homework schedules and consist of a news feed that is relevant to them. In addition, it can give them suggestions to events or meetings that they might not be aware of.

3)      My last goal is a Kindergarten lab. This lab will be a place where students can prototype their idea. In addition, it could be a place to help them work out technological issues with student government help and support. It can also be a place that helps advance the entrepreneurial spirit that has increase on campus ever since the entrepreneurship minor came on campus. This place could be a place where students create and begin their own businesses and give them tech training that will be important when they go into the workplace.”

CR Daily: What distinguishes you from the other SBP candidates?

Howes: “I believe that my background sets me apart from other candidates. I am a computer science major, and that is different from any SBP candidate before me. I have skills and expertise in areas that most others do not. In addition, I have help start and create several apps that almost a million people use. I was involved from start to finish in all those apps, so I know how to make something grow, and have proven, tangible results.”

CR: Daily What will be your biggest weakness should you be elected SBP?

Howes: “My biggest weakness, I must admit, is my lack of experience in student government; however, I have a lot of experience with administration on campus. If elected though, I plan to surround myself with experienced people who know better, than I, how to work with Student Congress.”

CR Daily: What is your biggest strength?

Howes: “My biggest strength is technology. I believe that we can use technology to change and have a greater impact on people’s lives’. As I mentioned before, my experience with designing an app, wedpic, has affected many. Nearly one million people have used for wedding photography. We as a university and students need to know and understand technology in order to create these impacts.”

CR Daily: What are your impressions of our new Chancellor Carol Folt, and how are you planning on working with her administration to accomplish your goals as SBP?

Howes: “I am impressed with Folt’s desire to further technological innovation on campus. I worked with Chancellor Thorpe and now Folt on the Innovation Team on campus. I am impressed by the way she has been willing to work with us on several issues on campus and how she and her administration have brought about several discussions like the Kindergarten Lab and Open UNC. She has already come aboard on several like the UNC mobile app.”

CR Daily: What is the one thing about Carolina that you love most?

Howes: “Wow! That is hard to choose, but I am going to have to go with the people. The community atmosphere here is so wonderful, and everyone is so diverse. While here at Carolina, it is so great that everyone can find his or her niche. There are so many people influencing not only campus but also the world with their work. I love the fact that students are united by their vision of improving the world.”

CR Daily: Out of all the great people who have contributed to the University over the years, who is your favorite and why?

Howes: “This might surprise you, bit one of my favorite is Chancellor Holden Thorpe. Thorpe was instrumental in the entrepreneurship minor. He also liked the idea of an innovation space. He also valued more research and creativity, which set us apart for all other universities.”

CR Daily: Who is your favorite President and why?

Howes: “James K. Polk, because he was a Tar Heel and Polk place is named after him.”

CR Daily: UNC has abruptly transformed into Hogwarts.  What House are you and why?

Howes: “I would choose Ravenclaw, because they are methodical and intellectual. Ravenclaw house members drive things forward utilizing their knowledge and teamwork. They are also not afraid to step up to a challenge.”

CR Daily: That concludes our interview. Thank you for stopping by!

Howes: “Thanks!”

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