2014 Student Body Candidates Delcarations

Here is your list of SBP Candidates:

Emilio Vicente
     -Public Policy Major
     -Wants to make the university more accessible 
     -Believes that we are a great institution and that to make it better change must come through Student Congress

Nikita Shamdasani
    -Has been involved in Student Government for past 2 years
    -Wants to create an online idea generate where students can submit ideas to improve campus

Andrew Powell
    -As a student he believes that he can make a difference
    -Discussion about cost and future of higher education are valuable and most contain student voices 
    -Focus on long term sustainability 

Winston Howes
   -3 major focuses: tech improvements (Connect Carolina 2.0), Kindergarten Lab (place for prototyping ideas; like a tech lab), and           dinner for 8 (meeting and discussing issues with students over dinner.)
   -Major focus on internet security and providing places for students to create and innovate on campus

Manoj Mirchandani
   -Left room  without interview and refused repeated requests for comment.

We wish luck to all candidates as they collect the 1250 signature necessary be placed on the ballot.

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