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I currently serve as the events co-chair of OneAct, an on campus organization that trains students to be active bystanders in situations of interpersonal violence.  My time with OneAct and working with others within the realm of domestic violence has brought me to question the role that conservatives play in modern day women’s issues.  As a member of the club and in leadership, I have gotten to know the other members and was initially shocked by the liberal consensus among the group.  Almost anywhere at Carolina you can expect to be surrounded by more of a liberal ideology but I have yet to meet a conservative who is actively working against domestic violence.  That’s when I started thinking where are the conservatives?  Is this a partisan issue or are we just lagging behind in promoting awareness of issues like this?

On our own college campus liberals are paving the way to creating awareness on matters from domestic violence to poverty relief, and other human rights issues.  Students are stepping up to speak for the voiceless in our society but shouldn’t we, as caring members of society, also raise our voices on something other than politics?

The mass media already portrays conservatives as heartless and selfish. If we want to break the stereotype and prove the media wrong we need to find our individual passions and make our own place in a social movement.  These are not controversial issues; hurting your spouse in order to remain in power is flat out wrong.  Stand up and voice your opinion, don’t let the Republican Party be known as “heartless” any longer.  Let the students of UNC and people of the world know we care about their situation and we will not stand silent.

We need to embrace all people for who they are and show that we do sympathize with them.  We need to include everyone in our party lines and expand the masses that we reach in order to not only appeal to the American public, but also make advances for individuals throughout the United States. People of all backgrounds, specifically those experiencing interpersonal violence, should know our support.

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  1. Fred Reply

    I agree- this is a great point. George W. Bush made too many mistakes to list here, but he won two elections because he emphasized compassionate conservatism, reached out to the Latino community, and supported bipartisan immigration reform. He admitted we were addicted to oil and needed to go after renewable energy. Now we have Republicans that don’t offer any policy solutions to problems and are intent on purging on any ideological diversity from the party. The fact that so many Republicans have stood against the renewal of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is sad. The transparent attempt to suppress voting by ending early voting and Sunday voting is terrible. The GOP has learned nothing from losing the last two elections, and having the lowest poll ratings of a political party since Gallup started keeping track.

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