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Although I am a student here in Chapel Hill, I have a great love for my hometown area, and something happened there a few years back that needs to be addressed… Something that is happening all across America, and hardly anyone has ever heard of it. So, let me tell you what happened in my home of Nash County, North Carolina, and then tell you why you should be so concerned as soon-to-be off on your own adults.

A big government phenomenon known as annexation threatened to strike the little community of Oak Level. Rocky Mount wanted to annex Oak Level into its city limits, claiming to provide them city police services, city water, and city entertainment. However, most of the citizens of Oak Level knew they were really getting city crime, polluted city water, and the ever-so-popular city taxes. The people of Oak Level were overwhelmingly against this annexation, and banded together to fight it on the ground in Rocky Mount as well as in the state legislature. In the end, Oak Level fought the city and state government into submission and with the help of Rep. Jeff Collins in the NC House and Sen. Buck Newton in the Senate, a bill was passed in the General Assembly that made it a requirement to hold a referendum vote for the people being annexed and a majority of the citizens had to approve of the annex before it was enacted. The reason that Rocky Mount attempted to annex Oak Level is easy to understand if you live there (they needed more tax-payers because their tax base had left the city to go somewhere less crime infested), but what about the other, nicer cities that are trying to annex smaller communities? Why would they want to annex a community when their city is doing just fine without it?

I give you all of that background information about Oak Level to make this monster known as Agenda 21 easier to understand. You see, forced annexations are happening all across the world with no one to stop them! Oak Level was fortunate in that it raised enough money from Ruritan Club fish frys and Oak Level Baptist Church spaghetti dinners to stop the annexation into Rocky Mount, but there are communities all across America who could not organize as efficiently as Oak Level and they are forced into a city that they do not want to be a part of and there isn’t a thing they can do about it. That atrocity begs a very important question that I hope everyone is asking themselves. Why? Why are the city and state governments trying to force the annexation of small communities? The simple answer is Agenda 21. Most of you probably have never heard of it. I know that I hadn’t until a few years ago. Agenda 21 is a project that started at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, which lasted from June 3rd to June 14th, 1992. Agenda 21 is a project to promote “sustainable” and “environmentally sound” use of the worlds land. George H.W. Bush signed onto the Agenda 21 project, which put all of Agenda 21’s measures into effect in America. So how is it that we keep America’s land “sustainable” and “environmentally sound”? According to Agenda 21, it is by having each and every square inch of land in the United States controlled by a major city. It starts on a small scale, like when Rocky Mount wanted to annex Oak Level. The next step in the phase is Greenville annexing Rocky Mount and everything east of it. That would mean that all of the rural farm areas and the small communities that the federal government can’t “monitor” would then be annexed. Then, of course, everything west of Rocky Mount would eventually be annexed into Raleigh. You may be reading this and saying “You’re crazy, we would never allow something like that to happen”. Well you would be correct at this very moment, because this process is a very slow and seemingly unnoticeable one. It starts with something small like Oak Level, and then it grows from there.

But why is the federal government encouraging every area in America to be part of a major city? Is it so we can use America’s land wisely? Is it so we can promote “sustainability” and “environmentally sound land conservation”? ABSOLUTELY NOT. It is so the ever-expanding federal government can have control over every square inch of America and can have a say in every matter that is carried out in every part of the country. It is no secret that if you lump everyone together, you can control them easier. Imagine cows being herded up; they are corralled into a small area and then led to slaughter. Do you want the farmland in our great nation to be part of a Chicago, or an Atlanta, or a Raleigh? I don’t think that we want the federal government having control over every single aspect of our towns. I know I sure don’t. And this is not strictly a partisan effort. As I mentioned before, George H.W. Bush (a republican) signed America onto the Agenda 21 ship and the website confirms the lack of a single party being in favor of Agenda 21.

What I have given you is a very brief summary of what Agenda 21 is and why you should want to stop it. However, the protocol in the US government is as follows: “If the people don’t like it, let’s make it as complicated and as long as possible so they won’t know what it really is”. Agenda 21 is no different. It is very long and complicated and I could never explain it all in article. My intention was to introduce Agenda 21 to you and hopefully it would awaken your brain enough to do your own research. Some resources:

You can call me crazy (I know many of you do), you can call me a right-wing nut, you can call me whatever; I don’t really care, but what I do care about is the future of this country and I know that Agenda 21 will be a disaster for us if we sit back and pretend it’s not going to happen, because it will. Please heed my warning and if you hear the words “sustainable development”, “smart conservation of land”, or “progressive annexation”, you’ll know Agenda 21 is really behind it.

Jackson Valentine


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