Spartacist: The Latest Newspaper to Hit Campus

At an extremely large public university such as UNC Chapel Hill, it is a given that you will find many different opinions published in many different forms of print by many different groups all across the campus (like the one that you are reading now). I mean, have you looked at the other racks that are always near The Daily Tar Heel? We have the UNC Undergraduate Law Journal, Scope Magazine, The Carolina Post, and of course, yours truly, The Carolina Review. However, there has recently been a new publication in the mix around campus. As you are making the trek to Top of Lenoir to grab some lunch, you may have noticed a table in front of the Undergraduate Library with a few people out front age 50+ saying things like, “JOIN THE REVOLUTION”, “DEFEAT CAPATALISM”, and “SUBSCRIBE TO THE ONLY MARXIST NEWSPAPER IN THE AREA”.

That is none other than The Spartacist Newspaper, fully equipped with signs that say “BREAK WITH THE DEMOCRATS FOR A REVOLUTION, JOIN THE WORKERS PARTY”, “FREE ABORTION ON DEMAND”, and my personal favorite, “REMEMBER TRAYVON! FINISH THE CIVIL WAR FOR BLACK LIBERATION THROUGH SOCIALIST REVOLUTION!”  The Spartacist Newspaper is a self-proclaimed Marxist publication that follows the philosophy of Socialism, hatred of the principles that American was founded on, and a desire to do anything necessary to change our free market economy. The Spartacist Newspaper is actually a branch of the Fourth Internationalist Communist League, which is dedicated to seeing a Soviet Russia style government in America.

Along with The Spartacist Newspaper, they were asking for subscriptions to a newspaper known as The Workers Vanguard, which basically advocates the same principles as Spartacist. So…. If you didn’t know what those people were yelling about in front of the UL for the past week, now you do.

When I asked them for a copy of their newspaper, the lady representing the paper said that they do not give out free copies; they only take subscriptions and money. When I pressed on as to why I couldn’t take a copy to see if I liked it and wanted to subscribe, she said that Friday, the 13th, would be the last day they would be there, so I wouldn’t have time to come back and subscribe. I figured that the reason she wouldn’t let me get a preview was because of my Christian affiliated T-shirt, but after I glanced at the table, I realized that all of their publications had been roped down so that no one could steal them (as if someone would run off with a four page newspaper). From what I can gather, this newspaper group apparently goes to college campuses and other places all around the country to spread their Marxists beliefs and acquire subscriptions to their various newspapers.

Now, I generally ascribe to the notion that “I may not agree with what you are saying, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”.  I am completely and totally pro-first amendment and I would not dare infringe on anyone’s God-given right to free speech. However, if you come onto a university campus with such a radical agenda and you aren’t even a part of that university, you should expect to catch an ear-full about it. So, Spartacist, here is your ear-full.

How can you ascribe to a belief system that is not only morally corrupt, but also one that has never worked anywhere on this Earth – EVER?  Now, you may say that we have socialist governments in place throughout South America and Europe today, and you would be correct in saying that. However, those governments are corrupt (Cuba, Brazil, China), they are failing (Spain, France, Portugal), or have already failed (USSR, East Germany, Burma). The list of these countries could go on and on, but I think you at Spartacist know this.

How can you endorse a form of government where we take from those who have worked hard and contributed to society and give to those who have not? How can you follow the belief of “from each his ability, to each his need?” In the famous words of Ayn Rand, how can you allow the “looters” to come in and legally steal from the “producers” through extremely high taxes and outright government seizure? The simple answer is: you can’t. We cannot implement this in America because something that is so blatantly unfair cannot last among a people as smart and as industrious as American citizens. You cannot seize the money and property of the wealthy in the name of “equality” and “fairness”. Spartacist, you and I both know that your idea of a good government is doomed to failure every time….

It’s a shame that your table is leaving today, because I would really love for you to hang around more and try and defend your flawed belief system to me. But fear not, my fellow political activists, I have a solution to our communications problem! Consider this an official challenge; please shoot an email to and explain to me why I am wrong and why socialism would actually work here in America, or anywhere for that matter. I am eager to hear your reply and I very much look forward to it.

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  1. D.R. Reply

    Well said Jackson V…when are you going to run for student body president??

  2. csoeder Reply

    Yo dawgs… the Spartacist is old news, and lamers to boot.

    The hot new zine in town is the Carrboro Provocateur.

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