The Iron Lady: A True Loss to the Liberty Movement

Early this morning, the conservative movement lost one of the leading voices and one of the most prominent politicians of the twentieth century. After a series of strokes and illnesses in the early 2000’s, Lady Thatcher, also known famously as the Iron Lady, died after a stroke in the Ritz hotel in downtown London.

Lady Thatcher was an avid and outspoken supporter of the free market system and believed in the idea of capitalism. Growing up she was the daughter of a grocer, but eventually received her degree in chemistry from Oxford. At the age of 23, she then ran for Parliament, but was soundly defeated by her Labour rival in what was considered a safe Labour seat.

Moving forward, Thatcher eventually, in what would become a surprise defeat, became the leader of the Conservative Party. In 1979, in a major victory for the Conservatives, she would become Prime Minister of Great Britain for the next 11 ½ years. This minister-ship would be marked by several divisive issues: namely labor relationships, war with Argentina, and the fight alongside Ronald Reagan against the Communistic forces of the USSR.

During Lady Thatcher’s reign, she would become known as the leading spokeswomen of privatizing many of the industry that had been nationalized after World War II. This led to massive strikes and other protests lead by unions and socialists around the country. One in particular lasted for almost an entire year before the union caved and returned to work. Margret Thatcher correctly believed that the privatization and the disbanding of unions would help stabilize the country.

One of the Iron Lady’s most prominent moments during her tenure was the decision to take back the Falklands after Argentina invaded in 1982. This decision was portrayed heavily in the movie with Meryl Streep “The Iron Lady.” This decision cemented Lady Thatcher as a world leader that was not to be trifled with.

Lastly, to her last speech on the floor of Parliament, Lady Thatcher fought against the evils of Communism, socialism, and leftism in general. Watch these videos to see her in action:

On Socialism
On her policies
No, No, No (EU)

Lady Thatcher was an invaluable asset to the liberty movement across the world, and like her friend and other freedom hero, Ronald Reagan, is still adored by thousands of Eastern Europeans who suffered under the Communist regime.

Lady Thatcher was a true believer in the capitalist state with little government intrusion. Therefore, I want to send my condolences to her family, friends, country, and fans across the world, as I join them in the celebration of a life filed with duty, honor and a great appreciation for freedom.

Thank you Lady Thatcher for your work against the forces of tyranny and statism. You were an inspiration to many on the freedom movement. As you leave this life, my generation must take up the fight, and we will continue to look to you as an example.

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    Great article! Good perspective as a young man!
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