CRDaily Endorses Will Lindsey


Carolina Review Daily is proud to announce that we are endorsing Will Lindsey for Student Body President.  Lindsey’s ambitious platform seeks to bring real change to student government, which is something we all agree needs to occur. Although we are skeptical about how he plans to accomplish all of these changes, we believe that he brings to the table the ability to spark a revolution within student government.

As a brother in Phi Delta Theta fraternity, one of Lindsey’s main goals is to incorporate student organizations and social groups on campus into student government as much as possible. In the beginning of the year Lindsey showed true judicial strength as the Chairman of the Greek Judicial Board, sanctioning the fraternities that were caught hazing. Although many frowned upon the decisions, we applauded these actions and believe this is one of Lindsey’s greatest achievements as a campus leader.  We believe that his strong support from the Panhellenic Council and other campus organizations as well as his experience with the North Carolina State Legislature makes him one of the most promising candidates.

Above all, his platform is trying to merge the student body into a single entity that works together, while everyone else seems to be focusing on our differences. We believe that this is what campus should be looking for in a Student Body President. While it’s hard to know if any candidate can really accomplish all of the things they say they want to at the beginning of their campaign, Lindsey’s public-speaking skills, experience working with the school and the state, and his platform have led us to believe that he is the right Student Body President Candidate.

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