Candidates are a go, but are their platforms?


Unless you haven’t been on Facebook recently, many of you may have noticed that the student body president campaigns have indeed started. Amidst all the petition signing, video making, and other general hype about the candidates; in the end the only important thing is their platforms. So what will the SBP of 2013-2014 bring?

Drumroll Please!

Well on the one hand we have everyone’s main concern of “Culturally inclusive dining practice”, because nachos and chicken pad tai are unfortunately not cutting it at Lenoir or Rams. We all loved their attempt with “Pineapple Day” every once and a while, but lets face it: students want something more exotic. To stay on the topic of food, one candidate has brought into consideration the idea of a “True OneCard” in which meal plan equivalencies will be able to be used as swipes on restaurants located on campus such as Chick-Fil-A, Alpine, and Wendy’s. While several other universities have been very successful with variations incorporated into their meal plans, it will be interesting to see who still eats at the dining halls if this idea is taken into effect.

The most hit upon topic by the candidates as a whole was the ingenious idea of creating some sort of portal in which students can have access to all on campus events, all the time. This way, whenever you want to grab some desert, you just have to look up the next time a UNC organization will have a benefit night at Sweet Frog so that you can have an “excuse” for going so often. It’s a win win!

On a more serious note, unlike past years, we finally have candidates who truly care about diversity. Since the University changed it’s guidelines on the terminology it uses, and words like “chairwoman” and “freshman” have finally been labeled inappropriate, I am happy to announce the possibility of gender-neutral bathrooms. Let’s face it, there are a whole lot more women at UNC, and now with this new platform initiative we can finally have the possibility of a proper balance and make sure that the wait lines in the bathroom are truly equal.

It looks like no matter who wins, the the SBP of next year will bring a plethora of new cutting edge initiatives to help the University. The only question left to answer is: which one deserves your vote? If you want free everything, the choice seems to be clear (but don’t worry, tuition will remain low).

To learn more about each candidates specific platform ideas follow the links below:

Kevin Claybren:

Christy Lambden:

Will Lindsey:

Hetali Lodaya:!platform/c1mw7

Rob Jones:!portraits/ckiy

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