It only took 15 days!

About a little more than a week ago, both Hillary Clinton and President Barrack Obama apologized for a video called “The Innocence of the Muslims” they claimed had caused a “riot” in the Libyan embassy that killed four Americans. Today Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State, told the American people for the first time that there was an explicit link between Al Qaeda rebel groups in North Africa and the attack that occurred in Libya on September 11th. Today, the President of the United States also came out and finally as well said that these attacks were a pre-planned terrorist attack.

Are you kidding me?

With all of the intelligence and information in the white house, all the of the warning signs, the plethora of data that came out immediately following the attacks, and the huge coincidence that it happened on September 11th, it took our President and Secretary of State 15 days to admit to us that these attacks were not caused by that video? I repeat, fifteen days? Even the Libyan leaders came out and said that it was a pre-planned attack from a rebel group last week and yet we have our president at the United Nations yesterday giving yet another phony apology about a video that was used as a scapegoat by the media and our government to try and cover up a disastrous foreign policy.

At first I was honestly surprised, but then it all made sense. It is much easier to allow a false reality to simmer in the minds of the American people that these attacks were somehow insinuated by a shady, poorly made, and yes disgusting video, than to actually put blame on those who deserve it. This is a perfect example of how the White House has not been straightforward with the American people, and shows their complete lack of leadership. By allowing all the speculation about the video to simmer with the people which they knew was false, they have now successfully shielded those who are truly to blame. And who have they shielded from view? Possible Al Qaeda groups in North Africa, no big deal.

This attack has really opened our eyes on the lack of leadership and strength our white house has, and its shocking that no one is calling either of them out on what’s been done here, and my only question for the president and secretary of state is: Is this what transparency looks like?

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  1. Trilby Reply

    It makes you miss the Bush days when we had a real leader who spoke straight from the gut and didn’t worry about making sure he had the facts right! Now we’re stuck with Obama who confirms intelligence 15 days after the fact- yikes!

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