Distrust in Media Reaches New High

United States distrust in the media has risen to a record high of 60%, with people saying they have “little or no trust in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately, or fairly.” Based on a Gallup Poll, distrust in the media is at another all-time high for a presidential election year, supporting the trend that shows distrust in the media grows more and more between each election. The distrust this year is driven by Independents and Republicans…Republicans’ statistics are about the same as in 2008, implying they are quite critical of the coverage of this election. Polls also show that Democrats have the most trust in the media. And who is surprised by this? When the majority of media outlets are heavily left-leaning, the Democrats would of course trust their coverage of the news and the election. The implications of this dip in the trust of the media are also worth exploring. Could it mean voters are less interested in this election in general? On a broader level, it poses a challenge to having a fully engaged and informed pool of voters, if they feel they cannot even trust the sources of their information.

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