Evidence Increasingly Suggests Campus Y Breaking the Law

The Campus Y was kind enough to post a response to my last post (also take a look at this) via Facebook. For the sake of simplicity, I’ve posted it below:

Darling Marc and CR Daily,

In response to your article (ow.ly/axr7m), we would like to share the following with you….

a) the Y is a student organization and has a budget (which helps fund our website) independent of university funding;

b) We never knew the Y’s Facebook page was owned by the state of North Carolina




Jagir Patel and Mackenzie Thomas

Co-Presidents of the Campus Y who are STRONGLY AGAINST AMENDMENT ONE.

So, let’s address these points one by one, shall we?

A) ” the Y is a student organization and has a budget (which helps fund our website) independent of university funding”

Interesting claim, considering that the Y also has several paid employees of the University running the place. I’ve compiled a list of the relevant persons and their respective university-paid salaries below (all data taken from the University of North Carolina Salary Database):

1. Richard Harrill, Director: $61,000

2. Lucy Lewis, Assistant Director and Director of the Bonnor Leader Program: $46,886 (plus a $2344 non-state salary)

There are other university employees who work at the Y, but these two are the two that the University General Administration classifies as receiving their salaries from the Campus Y Department (though, I’m reliably told that the better word to use is “Division”). If the UNC GA classifies the Y as a division, that’s good enough for me.

B) “We never knew the Y’s Facebook page was owned by the state of North Carolina”

Well, you might consider reading the UNC Policy Manual, particularly Policy 105. The relevant part is, “Political Activity: Political activity by University employees is regulated by Federal and State law and University policy. No employee may use University funds, vehicles, equipment, supplies, or other resources in connection with partisan political activities. This includes the use of University electronic resources” Note that this also calls into question their use of the university website.



15 thoughts on “Evidence Increasingly Suggests Campus Y Breaking the Law

  1. dakotajwilliams Reply

    Do Jagir and Mackenzie receive compensation from state appropriated funds? That is, are they employees of the University?

  2. dakotajwilliams Reply

    Do Jagir and Mackenzie receive compensation from state-appropriated funds? That is, are they employees of the University?

  3. emmawiall Reply

    Of all the people to go after why go after a place with so many meaningful and important projects that are not politically charged? I just think there are places were this point can be made, and a legitimate one, that don’t have to attack an organization that does so much good. Instead go after one that is not doing its job.

    • dukecheston Reply

      Really? That’s an interesting comment. You think corruption is so widespread in the university that it’s quite easy to just find it anywhere. Hahahaha. If you’re right, please show me (and Marc) where I (we) can find it.

  4. Colleen Reply

    Would you similarly condemn the Campus Y for its historical involvement in campaigns such as the civil rights movement? Or is this a pick and choose type of thing?

  5. Sarah Chaisson Reply

    Again… “Political campaign activities are permitted on the university campuses as long as they are sponsored or hosted by registered student organizations and all expenses related to the activity, if any, are borne by the candidate, political organizations or student organizations. University facilities may be rented for political events per campus policy on use of University premises and facilities. Such sponsored events may not be subsidized or supported by the University. No campus shall endorse any particular party or candidate. University officials should refrain from activities that may be perceived as university support of a political campaign. UNC Policy Manual, Chapter 300.5.5 prohibits Chancellors and principal staff from being actively involved by endorsing any candidate or becoming identified with any candidate. Anyone can support a candidate on university property that has been designated as a free speech zone.

    These guidelines apply explicitly to the use of public resources in support of or in opposition to political campaigns. They are not intended to limit discussion among faculty, administrators, and other State employees regarding political or campaign issues or candidates or to limit debates at which candidates have equal time.”

  6. K. Smith Reply

    So Campus Y opposes Amendment 1. It’s been doing it all semester, and vocally. And the administration is doing nothing about it. It seems maybe it can do it after all.

    I’d keep going, maybe whip up a tirade, but I don’t want to feed the troll.

  7. socialjustice Reply

    Marc, you might want to meet with Mackenzie and Jagir before posting another article. I know they both would be happy to talk to you to help you better understand the Y before you print misinformation. To get the facts straight:

    Yes, the Y is both a division of the University and a student organization. Part of the Campus Y falls beneath the University, that would be the staff and University funded (State funded) initiatives. But the student organization side, the side funded solely by private funds, that is the side you are attacking. The Coalition Against Amendment 1 falls beneath Campaigns (which is within the Executive Committee of the Campus Y – student-run organization) which is privately funded. It is run by students who are not funded by the State (all of the Y’s leaders are volunteer leaders). The website was recently created, by private funding. The website information about the coalition was added by student leaders. The Facebook and Twitter accounts are controlled solely by student leaders. As the Y’s student leaders are not State funded, your argument does not hold.

    You can only attack Richard, Lucy, and Jill, as they are the State employees (which the code specifies employees, not organizations of the University). But you would have no grounds for attacking them as they have said nothing in support of or against the Amendment, and they have not had any input on the website, Facebook, or Twitter content expressing views on Amendment 1.

    That covers A and B, and your argument for C is a little weak. The Y is the center for social justice at UNC. Amendment 1 threatens the civil rights of many of the citizens of North Carolina – making Amendment 1 a socially unjust piece of legislature. As the center of social justice, the Campus Y must stand against socially unjust policies. Therefore, the Campus Y must oppose Amendment 1.

    Clearly, the Y is a confusing structure; it is a hybrid organization. Next time, I’d advise discussing the intricacies of an organization’s structure with its leaders before printing articles that have misguided information.

  8. jksimmons Reply

    I would expect a more professional response from the Campus Y, since they represent the Department of Student Affairs.

    • Yusup Reply

      Yes you can, you just need to provide the scohol with a lease to prove that the financial aid money is going toward the renting of off campus housing. They will require a verification form as well as a lease for wherever the off campus housing is.

  9. Trollathon Reply

    CR has a problem with definitions. The Y isn’t a department or an employee. And the University doesn’t own the Facebook page–Facebook does.

    Also, ballot initiatives are not “partisan” political activity, even though it’s mostly small-minded government Republicans support Amendment One.

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    • Rumy Reply

      Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wetnad to say that I’ve truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  11. Jagir and Mackenzie Reply

    We sent the e-mail below to Marc right after he published this post. We will be meeting with him tomorrow morning with the positive intentions of engaging in important dialogue.

    Regardless, we as Co-Presidents of the UNC Campus Y are steadfast in our endorsement AGAINST Amendment One. Furthermore, the Campus Y Cabinet (composed of all of our committees’ Co-Chairs and Executive Board) endorsed the Against Amendment One coalition as an official Campus Y Campaign earlier this semester. The Campus Y is indeed a part of the Division of Student Affairs; however, we are always more importantly a student organization and thus have the rights of any student organization on this campus. Our staff members have never endorsed for or against the amendment. Our Executive Board does not receive any funds from the university or state, and our website, though hosted by UNC, is not funded by the university or the state but rather by funds culminated by our Executive Board.

    If you have any comments or concerns about the Campus Y’s endorsement against Amendment One, we would be more than happy to address them. Do not hesitate to e-mail us at campusy.unc@gmail.com. We always strive to be transparent and accessible.

    With love,

    Jagir and Mackenzie

    “Dear Marc,

    We are extending to you the opportunity to meet with us as Co-Presidents of the UNC Campus Y. Based on your post on CR Daily, we find the notion that some students do not accurately understand the Y, its funding, and its legacy of social justice unfortunately holding true.

    If you would like to visit us during our office hours before 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday at the Y, we would love to host a friendly conversation with you! If you are unable to meet in the period, we are flexible with our schedules in the coming weeks prior to graduation.

    Again, we at the Campus Y find that everyone on campus has a home in this special building. Our intention is not to isolate individuals such as yourself from the Y; rather, we strive to assert our beliefs in a manner that always aligns with our mission:

    the pursuit of social justice through the cultivation of pluralism

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding anything Y-related in the future, please do e-mail the Director of Campus External Relations, Layla Quran, at campusy.external@gmail.com, or you can e-mail us at campusy.unc@gmail.com.

    We look forward to hearing your response,

    Jagir and Mackenzie”

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