Hey DTH, Grow a Spine

We always welcome free publicity.


It looks like the Daily Tar Heel doesn’t like it when people are “mean” to them. It kinda reminds me of the bully who starts crying when someone makes fun of them, a little ridiculous. The Daily Tar Heel claims to be a “big boy” newspaper, but they sound more like college students who don’t like being criticized.

Come on Deetch, if you can’t take criticism from a fellow publication what does that mean when you’re out in the real world and you get yelled at? You can’t start crying every time a coworker criticizes your work.

We also have some legitimate grievances that you should pay attention to. When you devote an entire opinion page to bashing someone’s letter against Dan Savage and then don’t allow him a chance to respond, it means that you don’t understand the concept of equality of ideas. We saw this repeated after the David Horowitz event  as well. Your edit board ignores the opinions of an entire group of people on campus, and then get offended when it’s pointed out to you.

It’s pretty clear that the DTH has some issues that it needs to resolve, but it may get even worse next year when the new Opinion Editor is the former Editor of the Campus Blueprint and good friends with the Student Body President and Vice President. Good thing Carolina Review will still be here to act as the real watchdog on campus.

2 thoughts on “Hey DTH, Grow a Spine

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  2. yawn Reply

    Way to criticize the DTH for being mean, unable to take criticism, and ignorant of the concept of equality of ideals, and then close the comments on the story in question (Brendan Madigan's defense of his letter) so there can be no dialogue. Hello kettle?

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