Obama Criticized in Wake of Zimmerman Shooting

Parents of two murdered British men, James Cooper and James Kouzaris, have brought more controversy to the stage in the midst of the shooting of black Florida teen Trayvon Martin. The parents are criticizing Obama for blatantly ignoring three letters they wrote to him after the murder of their children at the hands of 17 year old Shawn Tyson. The murders of Cooper and Kouzaris were in cold blood, with them begging Tyson for their lives at the very end. Even in court, Tyson sat stoically and showed little emotion when friends and family of the murdered men delievered heart-wrenching testimonies. While Tyson will die in prison for his crime, the parents of James and James will have to deal with their children being gone for forever. Therefore, one can imagine the dissatisfaction of these two families when their attempts to receive some condolences from the President himself were completely ignored, but he has no hesitation in getting involved in the Trayvon Martin case, claiming that if he had had a son, he would have looked like Martin. Yes, the details of Martin’s shooting are fuzzy and it is definetely questionable whether Zimmerman shot him in self-defense or out of cold blood, perhaps racism, and yes, Tyson is receiving some sort of justice for his crime, but young American lives were still tragicaly lost in both cases and it is not right that Obama seems to think only one is worthy of his time and sympathy. I think we can all agree here that racism from all sides is far from dead in the United States.

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  1. Peggy Reply

    Obama was way out of line, intjecting his own predjuice into this case. There are LE in charge of the investigation. Obama should let the experts do the investigation, and get all of the facts, insted of fueling the flames of racisiam which already exist in the US. He is causing the US to be a nation divided against its's self. and we all know the results of that.

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