Supreme Court is Our Last Hope… How Confidence Inspiring

The Supreme Court is currently reviewing the constitutionality of the Obamacare legislation. Let me be absolutely clear on this: especially with regard to the individual mandate, it has none. To force citizens to buy a good from a monopoly (since Democrats refused to open up interstate competition, each state’s market is effectively monopolized on one of a few large insurance companies) is no way to lower costs or create a free society.
In fact, forcing citizens to buy a good from a monopoly is a step further than King George was willing to take with the Tea Act prior to the American Revolution (which granted the British East India Company a monopoly on Tea sales in the North American colonies) since King George did not force the colonists to purchase the tea. Please let that sink in for a second. We have allowed elected official to strip us of more liberties than a monarch was able to. The point of a Democratic-Republic is to vote out those politicians who sacrifice our liberties for their “greater good”.
Consider the implications of allowing the government to have the power to force you to purchase a product. If you think “crony capitalism” is bad now, you have not seen anything. If the government can legally force you to purchase a product, then there will be an explosion of lobbyists pushing to have their company’s product mandated. We have constitutionally limited government for a reason, but big-government politicians have scorned this idea and created dangerous precedents (like the individual mandate creates) in exchange for some short-term, short-sighted “greater good”.
Unfortunately, I have very little faith in the current Supreme Court to prevent this gross power grab by the federal government. The fact that the Court is even divided on the constitutionality of Obamacare is sad, but the possibility that the “liberal-wing” of the court may convince the generally centrist Anthony Kennedy to join them in marching lock-step with the Progressive left and finding the legislation constitutional for its “greater good” is an outrage. The role of the court, while ambiguous in the Constitution, must be to objectively apply the Constitution to the legislation of Congress and the acts of the President. If the SCOTUS refuses to accept this role and instead creates precedent that has no Constitutional backing (again), then they will prove that there is no institution that will uphold the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land, since Congress, the Presidency, and the States have proven incapable or unwilling to do so.

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  1. Ciara Davis Reply

    1) I think the mandated purchase is bull crap.
    2) I don't necessarily agree with options for healthcare, but we shouldn't be forced to purchase anything.
    3) The "greater good" is actually usually detrimental in the short-term and useful in the long-term, as with economic globalization, liberalization, and the spread of capitalism to poorer countries.
    4) The above is hardly relevant, I just wanted to comment because I talk a lot.
    5) (:

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