Conservative Warrior, Andrew Breitbart, Passes Away at 43

Known by Time as the Internet’s most “combative conservative impresario,” Andrew Breitbart’s contributions to the conservative cause will never be forgotten. Not afraid of stepping on anyone’s toes, he was one of the most controversial and, at times, antagonistic bloggers on the Internet. Interestingly, he helped Arianna Huffington launch the notoriously liberal Huffington Post. However, after seeing the leftist stance the news site took, Breitbart parted ways with her and went on to found his site Big Government and help Matt Drudge out with The Drudge Report, purportedly one of the most influential news sites on the Web. Breitbart was also accompanied by his fair share of what were perceived as controversies, when he really only revealed the truth to people. For example, he launched a story about Shirley Sherrod and her alleged claim that she had denied help to a white farmer because she did not agree with his views. Most recently, he unveiled the Anthony Weiner scandal. Breitbart found that this rising Democrat representative had been sending inappropriate pictures of himself to women via Twitter. Despite Weiner’s claims that he had been hacked, Breitbart was soon vindicated. Despite his passing, Breitbart’s work will forever be remembered.

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