Rising Gas Prices and the Election

We’ve all noticed a recent spike in gasoline prices and one of the questions that arises is it’s potential to affect the 2012 Election.  Articles in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times claim Obama and his supporters are nervously watching the rising prices because of the possibility it will slow down the economy and make voters question Obama’s claim that the economy is slowly improving.  This rise in pump prices also gives Republicans a foothold to attack Obama’s energy policies in general, such as his decision to block the Keystone Canadian XL pipeline.  However, the price rise could also be due to Iranian threats and other worldwide issues.  This gas issue paired with the upcoming election lead people to wander how exactly gas prices affect an election.  Though there was little correlation elsewhere, it was found that higher gas prices may cause an incumbent to lose states he had previously won, especially those that are big industrial oil consumers. For example, key battleground states that also have their stakes in oil include Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.



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