Better Lunch and Better Institutions

Some Texas Middle School students boycotted their cafeteria’s food last week in a press for more menu options. In effect, what they were calling for was an overhaul of the current lunch system in support of a newer, better system that could be more responsive to what the students wanted. By withdrawing from this broken system, in which the students at large received little or no benefit, they were able to force the changes needed to make lunchtime a true representation of what the students wanted to eat.
And really, I just brought up that story because it’s awesome and I always wanted to do something like that in elementary school, but never did. It does, however, demonstrate a nice parallel to the current referendum to have UNC students voice their opinion about whether we should withdraw from Association of Student Governments. One of the kids even said, “All we wanted was for our voice to be heard and a chance at change”. This is a terrific summary of what the majority of secession advocates hope for. Also, like the mini-Texans, simply articulating our displeasure by voting to condemn the organization is not enough. They needed to convince the higher-ups in their school, and we then need to petition the Board of Governors to remove the fee, at which point we then officially withdraw.
Supporters of the ASG may argue that getting rid of our only advocates is not the solution to poor advocacy; I would respectfully disagree because they seem to ignore the fact that there is a plan to move forward from what will hopefully be the rubble of the ASG. There is a clear plan for a more accountable and responsive advocacy system.
Do not settle for the ASG because you hear that there is no other viable option! The truth is that when the BOG has a organization, such as the ASG, that serves more or less as a rubber stamp on its actions but that claims to represent the students, then they will not feel a need to listen more intently to the student body. Vote NO to ASG.

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