Give it up, Trump.

Uh oh. Everyone hold their breath. In a new twist in his ongoing presidential run tease, Donald Trump has changed his party affiliation on his New York State voter registration to “unaffiliated.” In this way, he is leaving the door open for a White House bid as an independent.

“Mr. Trump has done that in order to preserve his right to run as an independent after the finale of his television show “The Apprentice” at the end of May,” said Michael Cohen, a Special Counsel to Mr. Trump. “Something’s he’s stated over the past six months he might elect to do if, in fact, he’s not satisfied with who the Republican candidate is and does not believe that that candidate can defeat Obama in 2012.”

Get over yourself, Mr. Trump. How many times have we heard this before? If you wanted to run for president, you would have tossed your name in the hat many months ago in the Republican primary. If you are not willing to step up to the political plate, stay away. Run your Trump Empire and star in your TV shows. There is certainly nothing wrong with that. Pad your pocket. You are good at it.

But do not try to play for both teams. America deserves that much. Presidential elections are not a game. They decide the leader of the most powerful country in the world. Stop dabbling. Enough with the charades of independent runs and nice public television chats with Newt. So either proclaim yourself fully as a candidate or get the heck out.

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