Occupy Chapel Hill: Beyond Parody

Sometimes, I have this sneaking suspicion that the Occupy movement is actually a terribly clever parody of left-wing protests, a bunch of (inevitably) Koch-funded conservatives/libertarians who are satirizing the intellectual bankruptcy of the Kumbaya, warmed-over Marxist leftism that we see today. Reading the recent DTH article about the motor company occupiers almost, almost confirmed those suspicions.

There were so many gems:

“Occupy Chapel Hill members say the arrests have created internal dissent among those who wanted to keep the protests peaceful and legal.”

Let’s enter our World of Imagination and think about how the news reports would read for a Tea Party group who made a similar announcement (but, fortunately, since they were the Tea Party, staying “peaceful and legal” went without saying).

“During a Sunday night march protesting the police raid and arrests that day, members chanted criticisms of law enforcement. But similar chants were quickly hushed in Thursday’s march.”

Great! So no more “Kill the Cops!” chants. Phew

“The group of occupiers also collectively agreed to not destroy public property.”

Wait, wait, wait. They had to actually discuss this and come to an agreement to not destroy property???

“In some ways, I feel I have been occupying my whole life,” said “Heather Epes, a Carrboro resident”

What does that even mean? “Heather Epes, age 2, was unduly concerned about income inequality.” The DTH can do better than quote mindless nonsense from a hippie (who’s from Carrboro, if you hadn’t guessed already).

Cammie Bellamy, a sophomore journalism major, who said she has been involved with Occupy Chapel Hill since protesters began occupying the Peace and Justice Plaza in Chapel Hill on Oct. 15, said the movement has inspired her. “I think this is the biggest, most visible movement of my lifetime,” she said.

Arab Spring, Green Revolution, move over, Occupy Chapel Hill is here as the “biggest, most visible movement” of the past twenty years! #narcissism

But then I remember that they’re actually serious. And I go back to wishing it were simply satire.

2 thoughts on “Occupy Chapel Hill: Beyond Parody

  1. Heather Epes Reply

    In the interest of context, and I don't usually play this card, I'm 39, and a Duke University and UNC Chapel Hill English Dept educated PhD who has been teaching university youth, underrepresented, and nontraditional students across the country for over a decade, including at UNC-CH and tutoring with the Duke University Writing Studio. I'm published and have presented research at numerous national and international academic conferences. Your comment about media choice of quoting is at least accurate. You should know better than to think that media accurately represents events and people even the times it may be attempting to lol. Of course, your inability to understand the motivations and conditions behind the movement would make you unable to even begin interpreting that metaphorical statement, so I'll be forgiving. In the first place, "income inequality" is inaccurate and a fairly meaningless phrase, and in the second, "income", which is hardly the point, isn't the first thing i began to Occupy. Environmentalism and racism are; I'm from south Georgia. Again, however, I'm not sure you're able to understand how the term "Occupy" is being used in the lexicon these days. And, really, your camp's inability to find a better moniker than "hippie" is boring, unimaginative and a further show of ignorance about who is involved with this movement internationally and why. Join us in the 21st Century. The piece was a weak shot at comedy, but *you're* kinda funny. Kinda.

    • adent Reply

      I've attended two general assemblies, interviewed several members of Occupy Chapel Hill, and spoke with several members of Occupy UNC. I think I know what the movement is about- if we agree that there is a telos.

      Great, you have a PhD. That doesn't mean you understand economics and how we can actually improve individuals' station in the world. Greg Mankiw also has a PhD and would disagree with your positions.

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