Occupiers Jettison Any Pretense of Respectability

The Occupy Chapel Hill branch of OWS is proving Jesse Helms’s quip that Chapel Hill is the “zoo” of North Carolina more true than he ever imagined, I’m sure.

Occupying private property in the name of the 99%-who don’t support the movement in the first place– is a horrendous in and of itself. But then having the audacity to whine and complain about how the police responded? Cue Occupier Ryan Jarrell, “I was shocked by the police action simply because no one else had talked to us before then.” Shocked, shocked! No one came to talk to them! Poor souls.

Instead of directing outrage at these spoiled college students (who think they can simply waltz into anyone’s house, barricade themselves in, post sentries and NOT face repercussions), the local community rallies behind them (also here)! There outrage is reserved, instead, for the police who thankfully restored order in the face of chants of “Kill the cops!”

Far worse, however, are the posters that appeared overnight in response to the removal of the occupiers:


Occupy Chapel Hill should lose any legitimacy it may have had. As it would, in any other town. Not in Chapel Hill.

One thought on “Occupiers Jettison Any Pretense of Respectability

  1. Jackson Reply

    I agree that their anger directed toward the police is unjustified and that the people who broke into the Yates building went way too far. However, it's important to note that there is a distinction between the Occupy Chapel Hill movement and the anarchist group that this direct action sprung out of.

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