A Preview of the 2012 Elections

As 2012 prepares to makes its debut, one event, one election, one day is on the minds of all UNC students: the 2012 Student Body President Race! With any luck, this year’s race will be just like last year’s, and the members of the  Student Supreme Court will finally have the opportunity to earn that line on their resume. But for now, we are only left guessing about who will be on the ballot. Since Title VI of the Student Code (the bit that deals with election law) forbids potential candidates from declaring their candidacies until the Candidates’ Meeting with the Board of Elections in January, very few people outside the as-of-yet-unannounced campaigns  know who’s actually running. Lucky for you, I’ve got people. From deep within the long and shadowy halls of student government, wired by encrypted cable, and delivered by a mounted horseman in a twice-sealed envelope comes this list of SBP candidates:

Elizabeth Merritt

Tim Longest

Warche Downing

Will Leimenstoll

Calvin Lewis, Jr.

Leigh Fairley

Dakota Williams

Judging by the list, this year’s election should be a blast!

2 thoughts on “A Preview of the 2012 Elections

  1. Ian Lee Reply

    I think UNC would be best served if Dakota Williams simply graduated, with the rest of UNC'12, and left well enough alone. Having served as Speaker, SBT, SVP for ASG, and a member of the DTH Editorial Board I think his resume is plenty full already. To everyone else, on or not on this list, running best of luck and enjoy the experience!

  2. Jackson Ferguson Reply

    I agree, Dakota Williams should not be running for this position.

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