A Veto!

Mary Cooper has just vetoed SCB-93-040, the bill that would have provided the College Republicans with a $15,000 loan and a $5000 grant for the Ann Coulter event. Calling the $15,000 fundraising allocation unprecedented, she says, “Expecting the group to raise such a large dollar amount for a speaker mostly ex post facto is unrealistic and sets a precedent that I find to be unacceptable.” She notes that she is vetoing the bill so as “to preserve the group’s opportunity to host a successful event this semester” and that she feels “the College Republicans should have a new opportunity to come to the Finance Committee and to Student Congress to request funds.”

Let me merely echo her sentiments and say that she is dead-on. The veto underscores the absurdity of what came out of Congress and will allow the College Republicans a clean start and hopefully,  a more fair hearing of their request.

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