With regard to my last post, I had a nice chat with Jared Simmons, Chair of the Finance Committee, who clarified some of the issues reported in the Daily Tar Heel article. His comments regarding the increased scrutiny of Psalm 100’s funds were actually referring to the funds already allotted to and held by Psalm 100 and the status of those funds should Psalm 100’s university recognition be revoked. He assured me that he would continue to apply the same standards to Psalm 100’s future funding requests as any other group as long as they remain a university-recognized organization and meet the other stipulations spelled out in Title V. However, should the group’s recognition be revoked, there would be some issues concerning the money currently sitting in Psalm 100’s account. According to Title V, Section 106, a group must be recognized by the Division of Student Affairs if they wish spend student government appropriations. Until such time as the group’s recognition is revoked, Jared said that the Finance Committee would continue to operate under the principal of innocent until proven guilty.

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