Ignorance on Full Display at Labor Rally

If you’re not aware, a various assortment of the communist groups on campus organized a labor rally today to protest some (minor) changes in the schedules of UNC facilities workers. According to the Daily Tar Heel,  employees will lose the option to work a compressed work schedule (i.e. four 10-hour workdays) in favor of the traditional schedule (five 8-hour workdays). For you math whizzes out there, that’s a net change of 0 hours in the employees’ schedule and will not affect the amount they are paid. Naturally such a change is a reflection of the University’s disregard for human rights, and the communists on campus were out in full force. Some of the us formed a lightening fast counter-rally, holding such signs as “Fire Everyone” and “Down With This Sort of Thing” which aroused the interest of some of the protesters. You can watch (though you’ll probably end up mainly listening as the camera angle was not so good) the reaction of one of the protesters to our counter-protest below.

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