You could hardly ask for a better example of liberal group-think and inability to engage in constructive dialogue than the comments Marc’s exposé on the Tunnel of Oppression brought forth.  Only one post actually attempts at responding to Marc’s points beyond the “you’re an idiot!”, kindergarten-y level of discourse.  Even questioning their sacred cows of victimization (have they heard of the ADA by any chance?) brings the knee-jerk “why are you such a bad person!” response rather than a serious look at the issue.

Read and enjoy:

5 thoughts on “Parfait

  1. Eeshan Reply

    First of all, the existence of the ADA was never mentioned. Tunnel was meant for people to at least witness oppression of the disabled, among many other groups. And don't make this a liberal vs. conservative debate because it shouldn't be reduced to that. There are important issues here and reductionism such as this closes the discourse that can happen.

    • Eeshan Reply

      Its not tangible oppression of the lack of law but psychological oppression that is placed on them

  2. Andrew Heil Reply

    Just because something is illegal does not mean it does not happen nor does it mean it is not oppressive. The comment from the person who identities as LD and shared that from their personal experience they have not seen and/or experienced this form of oppression at UNC should be taken as a good sign! However, that does not negate the creative choice to dramatize an event that could and does happen across classrooms nationwide.

  3. Andrew Heil Reply

    Also, I urge readers to critically judge the claims made by both the author of the original post as well as those of the commentors. Notice who brings forth constructive dialogue and who doesn't.

    In addition, careful with your wording. Tunnel of Oppression was not a liberal think tank. Many cast members are and still identify as conservative as well as those on the planning committee. From my understanding, there are no mutually exclusive characteristics of conservatism and the pedagogy of the oppressed (i.e. the belief that people are targeted, and sometimes oppressed, based oon social-identity groups. Please let me know if I am mistaken.

    • Andrew Heil Reply

      As I should be careful with mine. I meant to type, "Tunnel is not liberal group-think."

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