A Response to the Clevinger Letter

As I am not sure when (or if) the Daily Tar Heel will publish the response I sent in to Mr. Clevinger’s Letter to the Editor, I have decided to publish my response below.

As UNC’s resident Robert Novak-in-training, I read with great amusement Mr. Clevinger’s letter criticizing my recent article on ASG in the Carolina Review. Given ASG’s past attempts to intimidate me into silence, it comes as no surprise that they would once again attempt to trample on my First Amendment rights. So, while Mr. Clevinger implores me to look at NC General Statues 84-4 and 84-5 (both of which only apply to me if I attempt to practice law), I implore him (and all the other officers of ASG) to read the First Amendment, which guarantees my right to criticize the organization, especially when its integrity is in question.

Me, in about 60 years

Further overlooking Mr. Clevinger’s failure to address any of my arguments about ASG’s suspect lobbying activities, he would do well to consult a dictionary before he writes his next letter. He accuses me of “defamation and slander,” whereas he should have accused me of defamation and libel, considering that my criticism was expressed in a written article. I’ll further note that Mr. Clevinger’s supposed “service” to students is neither requested nor appreciated. While I have no problem with people attempting to pad their law school applications, I have a problem when people do so with my money. But let me be clear, in spite of Mr. Clevinger’s blatant scare tactics, I will not be intimidated, I will not be silenced, and I will not back down.

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  1. Rdchesto Reply

    Bravo! Excellent work Marc.

    "I’ll further note that Mr. Clevinger’s supposed “service” to students is neither requested nor appreciated." Hahahaha zing!

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