The ASG Fights Back

The DTH published a letter today that was intended to be a response to our own Marc Seelinger’s exposé on the ASG which you can read here. Mr. Clevinger’s letter, a rambling response devoid of argument, can be summed up as a sheepish cry of “Well, Seelinger’s article may possibly be libel!”  Whoop-de-do. Nowhere does he even attempt to respond to the accusations in Mr. Seelinger’s article. Nowhere does he defend his hapless organization.

But I understand. As a former member of an organization which does nothing but line its officers’ pockets, burnish their résumés for law school, and use student money to fund trips around the state, there is no defense.

But if you are interested, here is the article mentioned by Mr. Clevinger in his letter, written by former ASG President T. Greg Doucette.

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