Victory is Sweet

I woke up this morning, and for some reason the air seemed fresher, the grass greener, the color of the falling leaves more vivid. Lenoir was even serving meatball subs today. And I asked myself, what could possibly make this day even better? And then I remembered the historic victories secured by the Republicans last night, and my day got that much better. It seems that the stock market had the same reaction I did, with both the NASDAQ and DJIA notching two-year highs. And who can blame them? With the complete and utter failure of the Democrats’ agenda over the past two years, it’s nice to know that we’ll finally be getting some new blood come January.

2010 House Results

Surpassing even the 1994 Revolution, last night’s 60+ seat conversion in the House and 6+ conversion in the Senate is a loud and clear message from the American people that the Obama Agenda is not what this country needs nor wants and a return to sanity and clear-thinking is what is desired.

A special shout-out goes to the North Carolina General Assembly, where the GOP picked up not one, but two chambers. With 31 seats in the state senate (a veto-proof majority) and 66+ seats in the state House (depending on the returns in 4 still-outstanding races, also a possible veto-proof majority), conservatism will finally make itself heard in the halls of North Carolina state government, after wandering in the wilderness for over 100 years. That is change I can believe in.

I’ll also give a special shout-out to Bob Etheridge who, when he’s not wandering the streets mugging unsuspecting college students, apparently thinks it’s still Halloween and is pretending to be Al Gore. You sir, do your state, district, and party proud.

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