Fraud, Fraud Everywhere

For weeks, pollsters, talking heads, and even the people at Fox News have wondered what the Democrats will do to overcome the “enthusiasm gap.” It seems like the Democrats’ strategy of choice is nothing more than good, old-fashioned voter fraud. From Pennsylvania, to Nevada, even to our own fine state (and who can forget the unions and the disenfranchisement of the military?), it seems like our dear friends on the Left are becoming increasingly desperate and increasingly illegal.

But really, who can blame them? I know that if my agenda was rejected wholeheartedly by the American people, I might feel a little upset, and might begin to act rashly. But this should really come as no shock to the Left. Anytime the mask slips, and they reveal who they really are and put liberalism on full display for the whole country, the electorate rejects them. After campaigning as a moderate and governing as a hard-core leftist, surely the One had to see this coming. Not that that excuses the fraud. But the very existence of the fraud underscores the rather pathetic state of liberalism in this country. They are unable to win people’s hearts and minds, so they must resort to more extraordinary measures to maintain any sort of sway in the political process.

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    Usually when you present a big lie like this you have some little lies to back it up. You've got one data point here, in Pennsylvania. The others don't stand up to even cursory scrutiny as being evidence that voter fraud is "Democrats [sic] strategy of choice." On the other hand, there's quite a bit of evidence over the last 40 years that the GOP sees voter suppression as its only defense against the impact of a steadily shrinking, increasingly white and elderly base.

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