America, the Best

I had a recent encounter in a history class in which my professor put a quote up from Lynn Cheney. First off, let me say that the quote was not put in any sort of context. Essentially, Mrs. Cheney was saying that American History serves the purpose of teaching our youth that America was/is the greatest country in the world. Upon seeing the quote, several students in the class began to protest, the most outspoken of whom equated Lynn Cheney to the “American version of a Nazi.” Clearly, this guy did not read my article about being cynical, but I’ll let it slide. It is extremely sad to me that someone cannot make a statement about the greatness of america without being called a propagandist or even a “nazi.” What’s so wrong about believing that America is the best country? Call it ignorance, if you want. I call it pride.

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  1. Brandon N. Hartness Reply

    I absolutely agree. As I have noticed, there's a very disturbing trend that exists with many–especially among the academic elite–that American exceptionalism should be discouraged and patriotism is somehow radical. We also see so many of our fellow citizens ready to give away the sovereignty of the United States to the UN and other international organizations that do not have our best interests in mind. In my opinion, this has been a systematic approach by those on the far left to undermine the ideas of individualism and free markets. In order for more and more government control–especially by the central government in DC–the left must undermine the idea that sovereignty lies in the individual, not the government. In order to do this, the elite progressive crowd must remove the reliance of our citizens on a higher power, take away anything that can be used in defense of an overreaching federal government, including religion, morality, personal protection (2nd amendment), and speech. We see evidence of this all around us, with prayer being outlawed in schools by the federal government, a proposed 'cap and tax' bill that would give government unprecedented control over businesses in America, and the push for ideas such as 'social justice,' which amount to nothing more than code words for a redistribution of wealth. Overall, the posting illustrates yet another example of progressives trying to undermine the things we have held so sacred in this country since its founding.

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