Liberal group leaders push for abortion tax in UNC health plan


Leaders of liberal student groups at UNC have circulated a petition to implement what they call the “common sense” requirement “that the UNC student health plan [offer] abortion coverage.”

UNC students who choose to opt out of elective abortion coverage may do so, but they’ll pay the same amount for their mandatory Pearce & Pearce health plan as students receiving coverage for election abortions (unless they purchase equivalent health insurance from another provider).

Students have been left wondering why opting out of abortion coverage doesn’t reduce the cost of the health plan.  It appears that the premiums of even those students who opt-in to the Pearce & Pearce plan that doesn’t cover elective abortion will, in part, go towards covering elective abortions.

The signers want to implement what is essentially a tax to fund elective abortion.  This isn’t always the same as abortion that is deemed medically necessary, and students who favor adoption over optional termination shouldn’t have to pay for such procedures.

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