Building the Case Against the ASG


An excellent article by Jenna Ashley Robinson and Jay Schalin of the Pope Center for Higher Education.
(And the Carolina Review gets its due mention for reporting on the issue earlier in the year)

UPDATE- And you gotta love socialists:

Maybe we should make higher education free after all…

4 thoughts on “Building the Case Against the ASG

  1. Bravo to those feisty chaps at the Carolina Review, one of "UNC-Chapel Hill’s major student publications" which include both "the liberal Daily Tar Heel and the conservative Carolina Review."

    And we only go to print once a month! Haha

    1. I think that was pretty clearly a case of a conservative publication overstating the importance of another conservative publication. CR's level of readership is not "major" in any significant way. Maybe it's the major conservative publication in Chapel Hill, but that's really not saying much of anything at all.

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