Crowder Chat and David Horowitz

David Horowitz will be speaking on “Deconstructing the Left” tonight in Hamilton 100 at 7pm.  David Horowitz is a noted conservative commentator and founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center.  His speech will be followed by a period of Q&A.  The Review is putting it on so come join me and the other writers/nice people.

Before you go watch my new Crowder Chat.  It will change race relations forever .  .  .


12 thoughts on “Crowder Chat and David Horowitz

  1. Riley Matheson Reply

    Hmm. It's interesting that you guys like Horowitz so much, considering that he has associated with Jared Taylor and has even published him. I guess now that it's convenient for you, and you guys can be the big dogs on campus inviting a controversial speaker, it's okay to associate with the likes of

    I’ll be awaiting some excuse as to why it was not okay for YWC to have the smallest skeleton in its closet, but why it is perfectly understandable for the Carolina Review to have one. Ahh, silly, immature, jealous conservatives…gotta love ’em!

  2. PanzoDanzo Reply

    I think Tancredo and Horowitz are both among the lower gentry of conservative windbags. And while Horowitz plays fast and loose with the facts like anyone who is interested in winning an argument rather than having a discussion, he hasn't been caught with his pants down the way YWC was with Epstein.

    • Riley Matheson Reply

      We didn't invite Epstein to speak for us, dumbass. Do you have any idea how many people in the conservative movement are "associated" with him? Clearly you don't. Marcus literally knows more people than I ever would have believed before I worked in Washington and saw it for myself. The fact that YWC was "associated" with him (in the sense that I and a couple of other YWC people knew him, and he was doing a bit of work for Tancredo at the time) is no big shocker. It just shows that we were fairly well-connected.

      Also, I'll not deny that I am friends with Epstein. He did something that he regrets. Haven't we all? The only difference is that he got caught by people who want nothing more than to destroy him. Also, and I don't expect you to believe this, he never laid a hand on the woman whom everyone claims he hit. She lied about that part. "Karate-chop"…what a load of shit. I wonder if she came up with that one because he's Asian…

      • PanzoDanzo

        Come off the script dude, you're already on record calling Epstein a founder. Refer to your interview with the Indy. Sucks you blew it for your friend. Furthermore, cached and posted articles from before anyone cared about your rag-tag band of Stormfront rejects refer to Epstein as VP. That's the issue with you people; you've been caught lying and everyone knows it.

        And as far as the karate-chop being a lie, there's a witness:

        The arresting officer is the one who refers to it as an "open flat hand to the head."

        This is a guy who has said he has a "Darwinian-Galtonian view of racial differences." If you want to put the words in her mouth, you're barking up the wrong tree.

      • Riley Matheson

        First, define "founder." If you look at the 501(c)(3) paperwork, I'm pretty sure that Kevin DeAnna is the only one listed. Again, Marcus, Kevin, and I all knew each other, and bounced ideas off each other all the time. I don't see how I "blew it" for my friend (whichever one you're talking about). To me, whether Marcus was a founder or not was never relevant. I never really looked into the issue because it didn't seem consequential at all. As you can see, I openly admit to being his friend, so what do I care about him being a founder or not? I have no reason to lie.

        The karate-chop was a lie. I don't care who said what. I'm not even going to bother checking your source. If it's true that the arresting officer was the one who referred to it as an "open flat hand to the head," then he's a liar, or he saw wrong.

        As for us being "Stormfront rejects," only at UNC. Marcus is Jewish and Asian, so you can bet your bottom dollar that he wouldn't be involved with Nazis. Get your rhetoric in order. I know you liberal dumdums think that you can call anyone a Nazi who has said anything racist at all, but you can't without appearing as stupid as Chris Jones did when he pulled the same crap. Epstein apologized to the "victim" and has since made up for his behavior. You want to consider him a Nazi, go right ahead and be an idiot.

        Also, this isn't about YWC. This is about the Carolina Review. This is about how the Carolina Review pisses and moans about YWC being "associated" with Marcus Epstein, and then turns around and invites David Horowitz to speak. Now, mind you, I don't have a problem with Horowitz. I'd invite him, too. But that's not the point. The point is, Horowitz, their actual speaker, has ties to Jared Taylor, and has essentially defended Taylor, which, by the standards that CR set for itself during the YWC uproar, is apparently really bad. And they refuse to acknowledge that I have a point–their silence is deafening.

      • cwjones

        I played absolutely no role in planning, selecting or inviting this speaker. I didn't even know he was coming until a few days before he arrived.

      • Riley Matheson

        So you're saying that, in your opinion, he shouldn't have been invited?

      • JVL

        Well then, why didn't you write a bogus, scathing, slanderous and hate-filled "exposé" (like the one you did on the YWC) since you had knowledge a few days prior to Horowitz's arrival? Have you ever apologized for your actions and horrific "mistakes"?

        And CR, have you publicly apologized for your part in this embarrasment (you call journalism) and the unjust treatment to your fellow tarheel and conservative? Any apologies to the other YWC members? I won't hold my breath.

  3. PanzoDanzo Reply

    Saying that a person of mixed descent would be a Stormfront reject is on solid rhetorical ground.

    You define it–you're the one who said it. It means plenty whether or not he's a founder, especially when the group goes on lying about it. You are the one that contradicts the YWC verbiage:…

    "Youth for Western Civilization say DeAnna is the sole founder of the group. And DeAnna denies that he or Epstein has racist leanings. He blames the allegations on a "crude, tribalistic instinct that's opposed to us."

    versus your:

    "Indeed, we have a good number of non-white/ non-Christians in the organization—one of the founders is half-Asian and half-Jewish."

    This is what I mean by playing fast and loose; you can't say he's a founder and then claim some distance when people think poorly of you for it by citing the paperwork. You are trying to use two arguments at the same time.

    • Riley Matheson Reply

      Okay, this is ridiculous. First, let me state that I don't care whether Marcus was a "founder" or not. Obviously, Marcus does not bring the best press, so it's understandable that national would not want him in the picture. But isn't that an acknowledgment in and of itself that YWC is not racist? I mean, if we were, we would just say, yeah, screw you, he's a part of it.

      But let me just start by giving you the full story, from my end. In the spring of my junior year, I landed an internship with Bay Buchanan. Since Marcus was working for her at the time, he was the guy who handled internships and conducted my interview. I didn't know him from Adam. I just wanted to work for The American Cause. That's it. He ended up sending me to a conference at the Leadership Institute, and that's where I met Kevin DeAnna. At the time, to the best of my knowledge, YWC was still in its beginning stages. There were a few people who were interested in getting involved in such a group, and we talked about it over the course of the conference. Now, Kevin was the main force behind this movement. And since Marcus was not at this conference, I didn't even know he knew Kevin, let alone did I know that he was to be involved with YWC in any fashion whatsoever. Kevin, from what I saw, was really trying to recruit college kids who would be right for the club–after all, it was a college group, not a group for working professionals like Marcus.

      I quickly agreed to start a chapter at UNC. I almost never talked to Marcus about YWC. Marcus really only got involved because he was our contact for Tom Tancredo, whom we wanted for our honorary chairman, and we also wanted him to give a few initial speeches. The same was true for Bay Buchanan–Marcus was working full-time for her and basically scheduled all her public appearances, to the best of my knowledge. Now, we paid both Buchanan and Tancredo, and I'm pretty sure that Marcus got a cut for his services as well. That, to me, doesn't really sound like someone "in the club." I never got paid, nor did I expect to get paid, for my services. Kevin didn't get paid either. Have you ever heard of a member of a college club who's, first, not in college, and, second, gets paid? Didn't think so.

      Marcus also had connections to Virgil Goode, who has given speeches for YWC. Clearly, in other words, Marcus helped us out. Without him, it's doubtful we initially would have gotten the speakers we got. So, insofar as Marcus helped us out, you could say he was involved with the club. You could also say that he was a "founder," in the sense that he was always there for us when we needed another appearance. But, at this point, Marcus isn't really needed, and so he hasn't been involved at all. Thus, he's no longer getting paid for any kind of service. His ideology, whatever it might be, was also really irrelevant–we needed a contact, and he provided it. You'll also have to remember that his "hate crime" story didn't break until well after YWC was formed, so we didn't know about that either.

      There. I'm done explaining YWC to you. If you're still hellbent on believing that we're a racist group, I really couldn't care less. Your lack of intelligence has already been demonstrated to me, and, even if I respected you, I still wouldn't care what you thought because you don't matter. I'm only trying to lay this issue to rest for honest, open-minded UNC students.

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