Cocaine and Monkeys!

I love this stimulus idea.  I realllly want a second one because I like to laugh.  The first has provided minutes of laughing to me.  And, of course, laughing increases your life-span.  So, it’s kind of making me healthier.  So, the Government is kind of saving money on my healthcare.  Brilliant!

At least $71,623 of the stimulus money is making me laugh very hard today.  Basically, monkeys over at Wake Forest are going to give themselves cocaine.

I feel sure enough has been said.   But, I will add a comment: when the government centrally plans a recovery, a lot of idiotic bull goes down . . . that makes me laugh. 

I felt that this very important news bulletin called for a CROWDER CHAT SPECIAL (echo):


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  1. i don't think you quite understand what this study is about or trying to accomplish.
    abstinence has to do with abstaining from cocaine after periods of self-administering cocaine.
    basically this is animal torture. where is PETA in all of this?

      • Okay, let's get one thing straight, bubba. I admit that I like one of Lady Gaga's songs. It is entitled "Speechless." The reason I know of this song is for the sole reason that I heard Elton John was singing at the grammys. So, I looked up his song on YouTube. I saw he was in a duet. I had basically never knowingly heard a Lady Gaga song before this.

        Lady Gaga is talented and has a pretty voice when she's not acting CRAZY. Which is not often I understand.

        Nevertheless, when you heard me (whoever you are, you creepy stalker) singing a Lady Gaga song I had heard in the car recently, I was only humming/singing it because it was stuck in my head.

        I have spoken.

  2. We actually have a similar study going on here at UNC with Dr. Rita Fuchs, except using rats instead of monkeys. She's a world-renowned psychologist and neurobiologist (and professor)

  3. I hate when people dismiss scientific research because they don't understand the words in the grants. Do you have any idea how difficult it was to get funding for a research project under the stimulus? The funding level for the NIH "Challenge Grants" (… ) was set at 5%. That is, only the top 5% of all grants were funded, as scored by peer review study sections.

    Also, this is really interesting research! For a man with an apparent seizure/spasm problem and impulse control, you have a surprisingly dismissive view of studies regarding neural transmission dysregulation.

  4. How can anyone support this?? It is hard enough for people choosing to go threw drug abuse but to give it to unknowing animals, that are just test subjects is disgusting. Why not just get volunteers to do it, people who have the choice. Any animals testing is wrong and I don’t care how much it “furthers” anything for us humans… it’s just wrong… and sad

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