A Frozen Breath Sigh of Relief

I am bravely reporting live from the coldest winter in 5 years?  25 years?  100 years?  Depends on where you live I guess.  But no matter where you live, this has been the 14th coldest December in 115 years.

My first thought: “Boy, this will screw up the averages” . . . oh wait, the real numbers don’t matter to climate change “scientists.”

Yes, the Copenhagen conference blizzard was hilarious.  Yes, seeing Air Force One land in a grand snow storm was hilarious.  And, yes, watching the news people have to report on record cold is hilarious.  But, of more local interest, UNC hasn’t gotten the memo.  Apparently replacing the racist display of last semester are some crappy paintings of ice. 

“To think of all that melting and threatening these animals is really daunting, and that really commits you to a show like this,” one of the artists is quoted as saying in the DTH.  Well in fact, one of the places the artists visited was Antarctica.  And apparently Antarctica is both losing and gaining ice.  Some scientists actually dare to disagree with the “scientists.”  They use what you call data.  If UNC was open-minded or, in the least, “progressive,” it might present the other side of the issue that you can find here

Apart from the pieces of ice you can go look at, the Global Center is committed to doing yet more programs that regard climate change.  I wonder if they will frame any of the Climategate emails and put them on display.  Beside the naked half Asians perhaps?  I bet . . .  not.

In conclusion, may I say that I am not, I repeat, not a climate change denier.  I believe with all of my little heart that climate changes.  With that said, I end with a telling sentence quoted from the DTH article on the exhibit:  “Additionally, the artists did not want to overwhelm viewers with facts and figures but instead interest them in the wonders of the region.”

Yes, let’s not overwhelm the viewers with facts.

8 thoughts on “A Frozen Breath Sigh of Relief

  1. Doppelgänger Reply


    This has everything to do with why the term "climate change" versus global warming. One long-term effect has been posited that the North Atlantic Drift could be reversed or weakened, making parts of northern Europe prey to more Arctic air, meaning that it'd get colder.

  2. a reader Reply

    wait, you /actually/ oppose global warming? this is a joke, right?

    • jlcrowde Reply

      I don't get the "/actually/" part. Nor do I get the oppose global warming question. I do not believe in federally or internationally or in any way mandating certain courses of action based upon climate theory.

    • jlcrowde Reply

      I agree with your point about how it doesn't prove climate change isn't happening. I believe in climate change! sheeesh. But it aint warming HAHAHA. NAh, but I see your point. And I am partly having fun. You must admit that when a summer day or a winter day is a little bit hotter than average the global warming folk don't shut up about it.

    • cwjones Reply

      Claiming that more extreme seasons are evidence of global warming makes global warming an unfalsifiable tautology. According to the argument you posted, ANY weather pattern becomes evidence for global warming. If it's too hot, it's global warming. If it's too cold, it's global warming. It's circular reasoning.

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