Health Care Vote (Live Blogging) + Some Thoughts

Why?  Because I can.

[7:01 am] Harry Reid asks for order from the President of the Senate because of some background noise (coughing?) HAHAHAHA

[7:03 am] Harry Reid invokes the dead Ted Kennedy.   He killed a whole woman.

[7:15 or so] Harry Reid accidently votes no. HAHAHAHAHHA.  Alas, he changed his vote.

After Harry Reid shut up, ending debate, the clerk started giving a roll call vote.  And around 7:15 the silly thing passed. The most ridiculous Joe Biden presiding declared the bill passed, that’s how I know. And currently the senators are mewing around the duke-blue floor shaking hands and slobbering over each other. 

Well now I guess it goes to the House.  Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi can meet behind a securely closed door and discuss how to “compromise.”

When they finally pass a bill the intrusion of the government will cause inefficiency and arbitrariness.  Why?  Because that’s how government is.   Examples of their stupidity include changing their minds from one day to the next on whether to tax cosmetic surgery or not.  Now they shall tax thy tan.  Of course, you may not own a tanning-bed company, but some people do.  And, the government just made those people’s ability to pay their mortgage or their tuition less likely.  How logical of the Senate. 

Also, apparently a last minute addition took away the promise regarding the taxing of small businesses.  Small businesses who do not provide health insurance to their employees will be penalized.  It used to be that if you had fifty or less employees you were exempt . . . last week.  Now it’s apparently five.  Small construction companies with as few as five employees will be subject to the taxation.  Brilliant.  That will help the economy.

Finally, a third, damning example includes the fact that Obama is not going to veto this.  But, it taxes people making under $ 250, 000.  The “promise” from the liar in the White House was that only those making over $ 250, 000 would be taxed.

It will be perversely fun to follow the developments and repercussions of the passage of this bill for the next few days, months, and years. 

Until next time,  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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    justin! i got some sweet new movies for christmas- a whole classics holiday collection with movies from the 30s 40s and 50s

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