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I lead a life unparalleled.  A blur of delightful episodes and fond friendships characterize my days here at UNC.  But, then, who doesn’t wonder at the strange, quiet poetic nature of this life?  It is often times admittedly prosaic, but always “a precious stone in the eyes of him that hath it.”  Always.

We owe God nothing less than wonder and the Lord knows I wonder.  But,the blessed, grand wonder of life doesn’t change the fact that it is a scary reality to be seized.  Even in my youth I have come to understand what it means to fear.

Wonder and fear, the two great themes that animate existence, are nothing less than instruments; tools in the hand of a jealous God.  When coupled they should provide an impetus to worship.  “Whatsoever ye do in word or deed.”

Here’s to the ideal that whatsoever we post be edifying.  At least edification is the closest noun to what I mean to say.

I know it can seem, at times, that CRdaily is nothing more than a series of rants and/or personal attacks.  I am sorry if my writing style lends itself to that perception.

Hopefully, though, my posts, if enthusiastic, are not driven by a misunderstanding of the subject.  I admit that they can be offensive.  But, that is simply the nature of what I do; if you don’t like it then avoid my posts.  Nevertheless, I assure you I mean nothing to be mean or hurtful to you, the reader, personally.   I am just a lovable little fuzzball as Rush Limbaugh likes to say.

Anyway, I hope that you have enjoyed CRdaily this semester.  I know I have.  Because of exams posts may be sparse — or nonexistent — for the next couple of weeks.  Still, take some time out during exam week from studying and browse the site — it’s fun, I promise.

Speaking of which I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to Crdaily the last several months.  Special thanks to Zach for doing whatever it is you do to update the site and such and for your posts.  Also, thanks to Anthony Dent, Chris Jones, Nash Keune, Bryan Weynand, Mark Seelinger, Matt Oakes, Scott Hiers, Yelena Pecheny, and Alex Macy.  You guys are great.

And, of course, thanks to you, the reader.

If this means so long until after Christmas, merry Christmas and God bless.


Justin L. Crowder (as in not R . . . I thought you would like that)

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