Climategate Hilarity

Email smugglers, that’s what they are! If you haven’t heard, some hackers somewhere hacked into university servers at the East Angila University Climatic Research Unit and posted telling emails on the internet.

Why does some university in the United Kingdom matter? Because its findings and mathematical models were incorporated into the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) report, the climate change believer’s Bible. And guess what? The IPCC won half the Nobel Peace Prize along with Al Gore in 2007. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But, I think it is safe to say that the IPCC is not chuck-full of “global warming skeptics” (said in a WFB voice — just to annoy them).

Anyway, those hackers have made my week. Nay! They have made my year. In their own words: “We feel that climate science is too important to be kept under wraps. We hereby release a random selection of correspondence, code, and documents. Hopefully it will give some insight into the science and the people behind it.”


I tell you, what a grand time I’ve had. My feelings of doom have literally reversed. I now harbor feelings Americans associate with lazy Sunday afternoons. It seems the climate change hysteria-mongers have entered into a trail of faith; a season of heaviness you might say. What a pity.

Sure, a few influential scientists don’t seem to care much for dissent, and sure, maybe they are manipulating data to make themselves appear correct, but who cares? Answer: Australia. Or at least some in Australia’s Liberal party.

Apparently five Liberal menbers of parliament (MPs) have resigned over their party’s insistence upon bringing an American-like cap and trade bill to a vote without sufficient scrutiny. Those MPs insist that their constituents are the cause for their concern; the public wants further investigation into the tax “scheme” being considered. Anyway, the point is climate change legislation is causing political chaos. Thank God. I predict that the political turmoil in Australia is only a sliver of the world-wide fallout to come.

Don’t forget, so-called Climategate has major implications for the U.S. as well. You see, the White House Science Adviser, John Holdren, has his name in the sender-header on one of the emails involved. Congress (with cap-and-trade legislation hanging over its head) has begun investigations. This bodes the opposite of well for the forthcoming Senate vote.

Meanwhile, Copenhagen ain’t what it’s all cooked up to be. Sure, Obama is going to attend now. Whoop-di-doo. I think he was going to all along. Maybe there were some political compromises — maybe the UN agreed for this to be a “stepping stone to” rather than a binding treaty sort of thing. But, don’t let words like “meaningful” in the White House press release fool you, climate changers have failed. We’re all going to die now. Apparently Copenhagen was the “last chance” to “seal the deal.” Oh well, I guess not.

In conclusion, it appears that Al Gore may have to make a few less million dollars off of his scam in the few months to come than he otherwise might have. Me? I am just laughing myself to the bank thinking of all the taxes I won’t have to pay.

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