Math 101

A recent report by ABC News reveals that the Obama Administration either can’t count, is involved in one of the most massive cases of fraud in American history, or both. The report reveals that spending from the $787 billion stimulus package is in full swing, except that the money is being spent in non-existent places. The report lists several examples.

However, on my own initiative, I tracked down North Carolina’s numbers, and the data was quite interesting. For example, take North Carolina’s 37th Congressional District, where two jobs were created or saved with about $4 million. Or take the 14th District where 0 jobs were created or saved with $180,000. Of course the problem here is that North Carolina only has 13 Congressional Districts. But even disregarding that, $4 million for two jobs?


This reveals several things. First, it shows that all of the claims made by the Obama administration about how they’ve created or saved so many jobs are false. At best they are gross exaggerations, at worst they are outright lies. This of course calls in question all the numbers put forth by the Administration. Things like the unemployment statistic announced by the Labor Department should be viewed with considerably more scrutiny after this rather shameless attempt to delude the American people.

Also, how exactly does one quantify a “saved job”? This, of course, is another attempt by the Administration to inflate its accomplishments (or lack thereof) and to sell the supposed success of the stimulus package.

What’s also interesting is where the money is being spent. Districts represented by Democrats received $3,219,725,447 or 86.11% of the money allotted to North Carolina. Districts represented by Republicans received $591,809,554 or 13.75% of the money allotted to North Carolina, despite making up 46% of the Congressional delegation. The money is being spent disproportionately in Democratic districts. One could interpret this as an attempt to buy off these districts and ensure that they stay solidly blue. But of course, it would take a really cynical person to think that.

Perhaps what most reveals that the stimulus package is not what we’re told it is, is the fact that the unemployment rate continues to rise. It currently resides at 10.2%; well above the 8% ceiling the American people were promised.

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