Holy Bull

“Liberal” Christians often discuss the horror of using scare tactics to get people to come to Jesus.  Well, today, upon entering the University Methodist Church on Franklin Street, I was presented with scary pictures of evil American-pollution (is there any other kind?).  And, frankly, I am offended.

Said “church” just finished ringing their most ridiculous bell for the three-hundredth-and-fiftieth time.  Because they care.  Invoking the radical site 350.org , they mentioned that there are more than 350 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere.  Uh-huh.  It’s good to know that they are teaching climatology at seminary these days.  Remind me never to go.

That was the worst sermon I think I have ever, ever heard.  Among other things, the fraud of a pastor explained that there is no more debate on the issue.  Besides that, don’t listen to the “pundits” who say otherwise, he said.  First of all, I will not repeat what my mind just uttered, second of all, the term “NEVER” comes to mind.  If I want to debate whether or not “climate change” (said in a sad, Bert-and-Ernie type voice) is a threat to my livelihood I shall.  I will do it whenever and wherever I please.

And another thing, I contend that that sermon was not only stupid, it was literally evil.  They were calling for a united world effort to “fight” CO2 and commended the United Nation’s efforts with regards to Copenhagen.  Oh, there are plans underway for a united world effort.  Don’t you Methodists worry.  

Sure, it may not come together exactly as planned for quite a while.  The Kyoto Protocol was kind of like that.  Oh yeah, but that failed and the United States emmitted less greenhouse gases than the European nations bound to reduction.  How funny.  But then, the stupid, selfish Americans would say that.  We all know that when the innocent, unambitious political elite of the world do get there way they will take care of the earth like Jesus intends. 

Bull.  This isn’t about climate change regulation.  The purpose won’t be to fight climate change.  Political elites will want what they always want.  Their purpose will be to gain power, to suppress liberty, and to redistribute wealth.  I call that tyranny.  I call that evil.

It was utterly despicable how the Methodist church on Franklin Street today used scripture to support their idiotic political agenda.  For example, they cited (I doubt if anyone will believe me) Christ’s temptation as an example of how some people misuse scripture to argue against the need to “fight” climate change.  Imagine (as my friend Tom pointed out) if they had done the opposite.  Imagine if they had gotten up there and said: “Climate change legislation is a scam.  Fight it because God hates tyranny.”  They would have been lambasted by climate change radicals about going off the deep end and preaching politics from the pulpit.  But no.  No, this is Chapel Hill where our churches stand for moronic, socialist schemes. 

The only good thing I have to say about today’s service was that I got to see Jonathan, Tom, Anthony, and Bryan.  I enjoyed their company very much.  Without them my continuous muffled cries would have been louder and even more disrespectful.

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  1. Johnny Q Reply

    I think your rants do a disservice to CRDaily. You are sounding more and more like Glenn Beck with every column.

    • jlcrowde Reply

      How exactly? I dont' watch Glenn Beck that often but it is true I am very familiar with his style. I mean I like that guy as much as you can like a personality — I like his face. I also think he is sincere although sometimes a little silly. So, in other words, you meant that as a swipe and I would love to know how specifically you meant it.

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