Crowder Chat: Anniversary Special

I have my usual Crowder Chat below.  I discuss UNC’s sustainability day or whatever.  BUT I also have a special One Year Anniversary Montage video below that.  I put together my favorite, most funny moments from Crowder Chat (I may have to do another, shorter one next week).

Here at Crowder Media we are all eating cake but we want to take the time to thank you for once again visiting CRdaily (YOU MAY HAVE SEEN US ON NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE?  Good work Chris Jones!)

My usual:



One Year Special:


13 thoughts on “Crowder Chat: Anniversary Special

  1. pyelena Reply

    @sustainability day
    …wow, so many prophets and it took you… 6 seconds! to think of… JONAH?
    lol. sad, so sad. and whoever said jonah wasn't loving? he was just scared.
    also, again with the hatred toward the environment and those who want to "steward" it. these are efforts to make our current resources more SUSTAINABLE so that we don't kill the earth before it kills us. i mean i believe ultimately that God decides the fate of the earth and when that will happen- humans can only have minimal influence- but evenso, he has placed the care of the environment in our hands, as he has placed the care of animals and our fellow man to each and every individual. we have to behave respectfully and responsibly with what has been given to us.
    you say these environmentalists have fashioned a god for themselves out of caring for the environment- i say people will create gods out of anything, but this one looks like its actually doing some good instead of serving solely as a destructive effort.
    you don't agree- then stop focusing your efforts and hatred into a concentrated idol that you're serving. anything that consumes your thoughts becomes your idol. and your anti-environmental stance has blinded you from seeing the real issues at hand- don't hate the environmentalists. they are doing good (perhaps through misguided ideology, but still).

    • anon i. mouse Reply

      That's what "Sustainability Day" should stand for, but it doesn't. He's right. The basis for it is a religious fatalism that believes unless we do everything in our power to stop global warming (including living like the Amish and keeping the third-world in poverty), the world will end. And some of the main philosophers of the movement believe that the human race itself must be ended because we are inherently at odds with the world. You're going to tell me that this is just a nice, innocuous movement that intends to properly steward God's Creation? Absolutely not.
      Mr Crowder is completely within bounds. He is attempting to live as God would will him by opposing this anti-human, global warming crowd. These people want to implement a Chinese style, one-child policies, to keep Africans in poverty, and attack modern day advances that elongate man's life. He deserves to be commended for this instead of attacked as creating his own "idol."
      Btw, what is the main way to increase our sustainability? Technological advances. How do we innovate technologically? Through the competition the free market provides. As these global warming nuts are totally opposed to capitalism, they are removing what is really our only way to truly become sustainable. So no, the modern environmentalists are not "doing good (perhaps through misguided ideology, but still)." They are not the environmentalists of old who wanted to create national parks, plant trees, and preserve the environment for man to enjoy. They think men need to die to save the world. They are doing evil and need to be defeated. I thank you Mr Crowder.

      • jlcrowde

        Thanks for getting it. I am sick of these stupid generalizations/caricatures of good/evil. I read about how it is a religion for these people; I couldn't go into detail because it is only a 3-4 minute show. But, yeah the climate change people are merely using a tool to achieve power. And, "moderates" who don't believe me can have their pathetic world but I want no part of it.

      • pyelena

        there's only one world, and if you're not a part of it, you're dead.

        i disagree because i see we're not on the same page crowder, if you could use your shows to educate people briefly first and then give your opinion, or at least highlight some instances to which we can refer for further evidential proof that your strong opinion on the matter is warranted, then i would be much more satisfied and perhaps even tend to see your point more often.

      • jlcrowde

        I am sure I could improve my crowder chats if I put more than two seconds into preparing for them. I am just having fun though, and no one has to watch. I appreciate your opinon, however.

      • pyelena

        ooh i haven't heard of such people. perhaps you can point me to some enlightening literature mr dent?

      • ___0_

        You've made a ferocious attack against your straw men. Do you care to share the identities of these "main philosophers"? And who are "these people" who would "implement a Chinese style, one-child policies, to keep Africans in poverty, and attack modern day advances that elongate man's life" and "think men need to die to save the world"?

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