Take Me to the Pilot of Your Soul

 I have not had to post an article on CRdaily for quite a while thanks to the work of our fantastic writers  (including a few new, yet immediately controversial, namesakes).  Yea, I don’t have to write anything still. And, I want to take some space to thank them and encourage them to continue posting.

In my posts I prefer to keep the focus related to college life here at UNC (I said preferred).  For that reason I thank my ever decreasing wit that I just thought of a very appealing loophole for the subject addressed below: global warming.

Today is UNC’s Sustainability Day.  In other news, Lord Stern of Brentford (gonna go on record as saying: “no idea.”) has suggested that we all stuff it when it comes to our meat consumption.  He is going to be happy-go-lucky at the up-coming Copenhagen world-climate talks or whatever.  And, if you think that Europe won’t soon see laws regulating meat consumption perhaps you don’t know the Euro-centric fascists well enough. 

Sustainability Day is to be nothing less than a large, strewn-out religious service.  The first and second commandments shall be broken many a time.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the description I found on a university website:

“Prizes, pledges and a people mover promise to make 2009 Campus Sustainability Day on Tuesday (Oct. 27) a waste-free event to remember at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The celebration from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Frank Porter Graham Student Union Plaza includes free refreshments. If it rains, the event will move indoors to the union’s Great Hall.

At 1 p.m., Chancellor Holden Thorp will receive the biennial campus sustainability report from Cindy Pollock Shea, director of UNC’s Sustainability Office. Both Thorp and Shea will speak at the event.

‘At Carolina, sustainability is not just an academic topic. It’s part of our culture,’ Thorp said. ‘It’s reflected in everything from our construction program to how we conduct business every day.'”

It has everything.  It has oaths to a god (“pledges and a people mover promise), it has a bible (the sustainablity report, ohhhhhhhhh), and it has worship (“how we conduct business every day”).  They even collect tithes (through the coercion, of course, of student fees).

When talking to global warming fanatics you are not speaking to caring environmentalists.  Rather, you are conversing with cult members.  You are speaking to sycophants that adhere to nothing less than a lie.  I hate it.  I hate it because believing the lie will lead not to liberty, but to greater infringements upon freedom.  Frankly, anyone who cannot see the totalitarian rot being expressed by these liars is delusional. 

A couple of annoying and indicative examples of the big-government tendency of environmentalists include laws telling you what light-bulbs to have in your house and  having the state mandate what you are to do with your water bottle. 

You have two choices: brush me off as a crazy, paranoid conservative or take a stand for freedom and truth.  

“Take me to the pilot of your soul” as Elton John would say.  The pilot of the “green” movement’s soul is apparently a fanatical dedication to enslaving you.

4 thoughts on “Take Me to the Pilot of Your Soul

  1. Johnny Q Reply

    Frankly, anyone who cannot see the totalitarian rot being expressed by these liars is delusional.
    –Perhaps you are delusional.

    You have two choices: brush me off as a crazy, paranoid conservative or take a stand for freedom and truth.
    –Rational folks will take the former.

    Great religious analogy, but I have a better one: if you believe in God and there is no God, no biggie. If you don't, and there is a God, you're screwed. If you believe in global warming and there is no global warming, no biggie. If you don't believe in global warming and our policy follows that train of thought, the whole world is screwed.

  2. jlcrowde Reply

    Yay! Someone commented 🙂 I tell ya, that is a pretty good try at an analogy. BUT, you are assuming what we are doing will help fight global warming. I contend it willl not.

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