Boring Debate Live Blogging: or “R vs D smack down”

Join us for live blogging of the Republican-Democrat debate now.

[7:06 pm] Anthony Dent: opens up the debate with a defense of conservativism.  But, didn’t he (and I) vote for McCrappy?

[7:08 pm] The Dems give it a go: oh, a cheap shot at Joe Wilson.  Awwww, awwwww, awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

[7:10 pm] Here we go — the “party of no” swipe thrown at the unsuspecting Republican panelists.

[7:09 pm] Oh my goodness, the premise is apparently that “Obama isn’t a marxist, socialist, grandma killer.” I disagree.

[7:10 pm] First Question regards Afghanistan.  Anthony Dent takes it on: listen to the generals.  The Dems agree but add that Obama should be “careful.”  Good point.

[7:12 pm] Oh snap!  Jason Sutton gets in the discussion: fight the war to win baby.

[7:13 pm] Question to the Dems about Iran.  Answer: “Iran is important.”  George Bush has been a bully towards Iran (okay, I didn’t make that up, just in case you thought I did).

[7:14 pm] Anthony Dent responds with the suggestion that the negotions over Iran haven’t worked yet, so why would it work now?

[7:15 pm] Education policy: Undocumented immigrants should they be allowed in schools?  Ummmm . . .

[7:17 pm] Dems believe that education is not only a political right, but a natural right (I guess).

[7:18 pm] Anthony Dent explains how if you undermine one law you undermine all laws.  So, let’s be intellectually honest (hmmm I like this guy).

[7:20 pm] Question to the Dems about how to improve public schools.  Knee-jerk reaction: “What would Obama say?”  Can they say anything against this eternal will?

[7:22 pm] Amit and that other dude haven’t said anything for the Dems.  And, is Bryan Weynand even here?  Oh, he’s awake!

[7:24 pm] Jason Sutton tackles global warming.  Don’t even get me started. . .

[7:24 pm] An out of control audience member (later identified as Bjorn) held up a sign that reads: “Citation Needed.”  Oh man, I laughed.

[7:26 pm] The Roosevelt institute people are not kidding about “TIME!”

[7:29 pm] Kyoto Protocol is debated.  Dems: let’s replace it so we can “fight” for our generation blah blah blah.  Republicans: Europe didn’t accomplish goals = joke. Ha. Ha.

[7:30 pm] Healthcare.  Should there be a public option?  Republicans: No, because players in the private sector will be undermined.

[7:32 pm] “Washington post is my citation!”  A bewildered Anthony Dent responds to the out-of-control student . . . oh the humanity!

[7:33 pm] There are fifty-million uninsured?  WHY DON’T THE REPUBLICANS TAKE ON THAT FIGURE?  Citation needed.

[7:34 pm] Healthcare is evil.  Oh the negative externalities!

[7:36 pm] My computer battery is running down and I reaaaaallllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy want to leave.  But, this has been fun : ) (And Anthony, just ignore Bjorn, buddy).

5 thoughts on “Boring Debate Live Blogging: or “R vs D smack down”

  1. cewalker Reply

    The best part was when Jason Sutton said, "It's everywhere! Don't you read?" about Acorn, haha. All three CRs did great, I thought! And Bryan didn't seem like he was asleep, Crowder!

  2. bweynand Reply

    Thank you Chelsea. After having reviewed the post, I can now contend that I had most definitely spoken already at the time of Justin's posting.

  3. pyelena Reply

    hahahaaha i didn't learn anything about the debate from this post, but it was highly entertaining. JUST what I needed.
    Crowder- if you truly seek to be INFORMATIVE and entertaining I suggest you state the facts. rather than merely the comedic points (altho tonight was more comedic than informative anyways, so…. Good job!)

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