12 thoughts on “Video: Jonah Goldberg speaks at UNC

  1. Did you know that Jonah Goldberg claims to be a friend of Charles Murray, the author of “The Bell Curve?” Looks like you guys are due for another explanation of why you support a “racist,” despite your alleged intolerance of “racism”…

    1. Goldberg's comments on The Bell Curve are on page 245 of Liberal Fascism, which I happened to read earlier today. He essentially says that no matter the merits or demerits of the arguments made in the former book, the book makes a case for state non-interventionism.

      1. If I am following this statement correctly, it says that Goldberg believes that no matter how shoddy the scholarship and analysis found in The Bell Curve, it still makes a case for Goldberg's preferred outcome.

  2. A quick note. I absolutely LOVE your “thumbs up/down” application. I would like to congratulate you on your providing a very cowardly and
    intellectually shallow way of expressing disagreement.

    So you admit that Goldberg “associates” with a “racist” (I can’t help but notice that you avoid using the term “Jewish supremacist,” even though you slander Buchanan with “white supremacist”). No, Goldberg does not merely associate with a Jewish supremacist, he claimed friendship with a Jewish supremacist.

    Do you even know what a “supremacist” is? Buchanan is not a supremacist, for he does not wish to rule any other group. Murray claims that Jews are the best (i.e., supreme) in every respect that matters civically and socially. By his logic and in his opinion, Jews should basically hold the top echelons of American and Western societies, for then the “best” would be in charge.
    As far as the claim that “[Goldberg] essentially says that no matter the merits or demerits of the arguments made in [“The Bell Curve”], the book makes a case for state non-interventionism” is concerned, that’s ridiculous. A book about the correlations between race and IQ is not
    necessary to make the very simple claim that the best and brightest should be in charge, and that forcing equality won’t work (considering that
    equality has NEVER existed). As a matter of fact, such a book is likely to cause certain groups (i.e., Gentile groups who stand to lose power) to want state-interventionism.

    It would have been one thing if Murray had just said that the best and brightest should rule America. But that’s not what he suggests. He suggests
    that we should welcome the hegemony of the Jewish GROUP, because, on average, Jews are “best.” And despite Murray’s otherwise scientific approach to group hegemony, he explains why Jews are so good by claiming stingily and “irrefutably” that “the Jews are God’s chosen people.” (This fanatical religious claim ought to expunge any doubts as to Murray’s true motives in writing this book.) Wow. And Goldberg is friends with this guy? Maybe it’s because, in reality, Goldberg likes the idea of Jewish supremacy…

    1. It appears unlikely that Goldberg holds the same views – read the NR article I posted.

      Also, the thumbs up/down thing just came with the new comment system.

  3. Huh? No… in context, his description of that book merely seeks to distinguish between leftists who promoted active eugenics as policy and the author of The Bell Curve.

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