7 thoughts on “Crowder Chat

  1. rosieb Reply

    Excuse me Nash, but when have I ever been submissive to you? I think it's more the other way around.

    Overall, good video guys. Glad to see the return of the awkward sweaters.

  2. pyelena Reply

    hahahaha i was laughing until the very end when crowder went schizo, then i just got creeped out

    • nkeune Reply

      We probably didn't stop giggling about that for like another half hour after we finished taping.

  3. SLIP Reply

    I heard that Bryan was up for the Nobel Prize for thinking about reaching consensus with the liberals at the Campus Blueprint Magazine.

  4. Guest Reply

    I love watching Justin Crowder talk.
    he can brighten a cloudy day with that face

    • Guest Reply

      I could see him being the next Mr. Rogers, or one of the Wiggles.

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