Time for new news

On too many days since the beginning of school, the campus paper published rants and retorts about Youth for Western Civilization (YWC).  A large number of non-bathing UNC students made the news last semester when YWC brought Tom Tancredo to campus last spring and wannabe anarchists broke windows with bricks and yelled “DEATH TO THE FASCIST INSECT!” through a megaphone, which the lead hippie ironically purchased from the corporate profiteers at the Durham Wal-Mart.

The paper of record here at UNC continues to milk the debate from last spring about whether or not YWC’s mission is racist.  One day, a student writes in accusing the group of racism.  The next day, the YWC president, who is a minority, writes in to explain that that isn’t possible.  The next day, a pair of students respond that unless YWC drops its desire for the U.S. government to enforce immigration law, the group is unquestionably racist.  What a silly exchange!

Instead of focusing on old, back-and-forth debates, we’ll bring a different and previously unheard perspective to the YWC controversy.  Then we’ll move on.

In response to the void in campus event coverage opened by the campus media’s excessive focus on political ideology, we at CR Daily have concocted a scheme to entertain and inform (to quote a great local sage) our readers about campus happenings.

NEW: Video of campus events and live-blogging of controversial speakers.

NEW: Emphasis on changes made by UNC-CH administration and UNC General Administration that affect students.

NEW: A section dedicated to (limited) student government coverage (only for things that matter to everyone – we promise).

NEW: The Line, an editorial stance on campus issues.

NEW: Expanded authorship team.

Our goal is to become the blog of record for UNC-Chapel Hill.  We are continuing our columns and coverage of state and national political events, but we are putting higher priority on campus events.  See you soon.

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