Illegal Immigration Yawn

I find Immigration policy nearly as boring as the health care debate — only more boring.  It is so obviously simplistic.  It’s a lot like refuting whether criminals should be rewarded or not.  Maybe that’s because it is exactly that.  Yawn.

A couple of immigration issues have been in the news recently.  The most important of the current events being that the NC Community College Board has given the wink-and-nod to the illegal immigrant population.  Last Friday they voted to allow illegal immigrants to enroll in community colleges.  That has got to be illegal.  Meanwhile, in other totally, totally unrelated news, unemployment is at nearly 11 percent in North Carolina.

Of course, we shouldn’t allow ordinary reactions to stupid governmental actions lead us to idiotic thoughts of xenophobia or racism.  But, guess what?  We also shouldn’t be afraid of being labeled xenophobic or racist.  Reality is reality, it bends to no one (especially college students).

It is obnoxious to give out rewards to those who do wrong.  I remember well those days of elementary school: “Good work!  Here, here’s a sucker.  Good job.”  Well, this isn’t elementary school, this is America.  And, America should act grown up.  Illegal immigrants should stop whining and politicians should stop acting absurd.

Another silly news item regarding illegal immigration has to do with the Carrboro’s Board of Alderman elections.    According to the DTH, the “Carrboro Board of Aldermen candidates are carving out ideas for how to cater to the town’s dense and growing immigrant population.”  What a moment of unbridled honesty. 

Illegal immigrants are strong-arming politicians.  We see evidence of this in local elections as well as in national ones.  They have effectively scared both Republicans and Democrats into politically-correct submission.  How boring. 

Stand up for something.  Life is so much more fun that way.

4 thoughts on “Illegal Immigration Yawn

  1. individualc Reply

    When illegal immigrants attend community college, they pay out of state rates — so not only do they cover their own costs in full, they subsidize education for North Carolinians.

    So who cares?

  2. jlcrowde Reply

    Well I think a lot of people care. I do not like the idea of a group of criminals being rewarded for criminal behavior. It is very simple.

  3. individualc Reply

    They aren't being rewarded — they're being taxed. And that is the true American dream.

    • reikarobert Reply

      I don't understand how you are missing the biggest issue. Illegal; unlawful; criminal. How can you expect anyone in this country to take our laws seriously if we turn a blind eye? Ignoring laws undermines our legal system. Which is bad.
      Illegal immigrants also flood our schools and county health departments, but because they are not documented, they are not counted as part of the population. This leads to a shortage in funds for schools and other services, as they are then expected to provide services to a population that exceeds the population for which they were allocated state and federal money.

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