Urban Chicken Update!

My friend Phil and I, as we drove about doing odd jobs over the summer at work, enjoyed listening to Urban Chicken Updates.  These updates came at inter-dispersed times during the incomparable Keith Larson Show from nine to noon on 1110, WBT.  Urban chickens were in the news a lot; I think it mostly had to do with local referendums regarding the allowance of such “pets.”  It was hilarious.

So, in that spirit:


Headline: Murderous Farmers Forgoe Slaughter of Innocents

News Feed: “Controversy arose before the first chicken was scheduled for slaughter at the second Urban Farm Tour held Saturday in Carrboro/ After negative response from the public, founder Sammy Slade (who?) decided to cancel the demonstration in favor of a public discussion on chicken slaughtering” –DTH

Turns out local citizens were worried about whether the slaughter of the specific, non-human chicken breed in question would be, quote, “humane.” 

Answer: a resounding “no.” 

Justice has triumphed ag-ain!

Join us next time for Urban Chicken Update (echoing, Orson Welles voice).

2 thoughts on “Urban Chicken Update!

  1. Phil H. Richard Reply

    I think the real victims here are the urban goats. It is obvious the urban chickens are gaining notoriety and fame due to their minority status in the various metropolitan centers in the U.S., while urban goat referendums go un-passed in their respective districts. If the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill actually cares about anything, they will invest whatever resources, monetary or otherwise, into preventing urban goat predjudices. A simple student fee increase of no more than 3-4% could ensure the urban goats proper status as pets in metropolitan areas, and it would make people feel really, really good about themselves. I think a great man once said, sometimes the lost goat causes are the only ones worth fighting for.

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