Obama: Public School Controller


All Hail the Controller
All hail the Controller

 UPDATE: Obama’s speech  released . . . “fight poverty and homelessness, crime and discrimination, and make our nation more fair and free”

UPDATE: Obama is to talk about “succeeding in school” . . . hopefully not about doing crack simultaniously.


Barack Hussein Obama is going to stream an address to every single public school class on September 8th.  No one really knows what he is going to talk about, but we have hints.  

He has signed a resolution making September 11th a “national day of service” so perhaps he will talk about that.  And, as an aside, may I say how callus, how disgusting, how stupid it is to make 9/11 a “national day of service.”  That is the height of political knavery.  To use the worst memory in recent decades as a rallying cry for his moronic utopian ideals is ridiculous.

The U.S. Department of Education has put out a menu of classroom activities for before the speech, for during the speech, and for after the speech.  They can begin by “reading books about presidents and Barack Obama.”  They should also ask the children “Why is it important that we listen to the President and other elected officials?” 

During the speech the kids should think about “What job is the President asking me to do?”  After the speech the students can do such productive activities as writing “letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president.”

Let’s be clear here.  The public school system, of which I am a product, is an organ used to promulgate statist doctrine.  It is wrong for Obama to use his influence over these impressionable children in such a way as to offer directives in such a grand manner.  Anybody who would defend Obama and the Department of Education in this instance is either a coward or a loser.

I only wish I had a child in a public school in which they were showing this speech because he would not be watching it. 

Updates to come after September 8th when we have the audio and transcripts of Obama’s speech.

22 thoughts on “Obama: Public School Controller

  1. Johnny Q Reply


    Wow, ever heard of the H1N1 flu? Could that be what he wants to talk about?

    Oh, and what exactly did the Bush Administration use 9/11 for? Fear-mongering and shopping?

    “I only wish I had a child in a public school in which they were showing this speech because [he] would not be watching it.”

    That’s pretty sexist, Mr. Crowder.

  2. Johnny Q Reply

    What really blows my mind about your rant is that you fail to realize (or just simply ignore for your convenience) that the Day of Service was a bi-partisan effort supported by many of the 9/11 families. Many family members of 9/11 victims have been calling for a day of service for years. Perhaps they are “callus” and “stupid.”

  3. mseeling Reply

    From the Secretary of Education, “He will deliver a national address directly to students on the importance of education.” http://www.ed.gov/admins/lead/academic/bts.html Swine flu doesn’t appear to be on the agenda.

    I also find it ironic that in your criticism of Pres. Bush, you’d reference his comments regarding shopping and then mention fear-mongering. As the whole point of his comments on the shopping question was to encourage people to go about their lives as usual, and not allow the terrorists to use fear as a weapon. It was in fact an attempt to dispel fear rather than monger it.

    I also find Obama’s use of the deaths of 3000 Americans as an instance to support his own agenda disgusting.

  4. Melissa Reply

    What is so wrong with the President using his status to influence students?? So many others are out there influencing them with inappropriate lyrics to songs and crude humor in television shows. The U.S. Department of Education supports teachers by helping them to come up with lessons that have to do with things like the President speaking to schools. They also provide lesson plans for Constitution Day (which is required that all public schools teach). There is nothing wrong with the students in our PUBLIC, FREE schools learning about the President and U.S. government. If you disagree with the President, that is fine, but when is sticking your head in the sand and ignoring what he has to say EVER a good idea? Instead of not allowing your imaginary child to watch Barack Obama’s speech, wouldn’t it be a better idea to have them watch it and let that open some dialogue about what goals you and your family support and why you agree or disagree with what he has to say? And furthermore, why don’t you just wait and see what he has to say BEFORE you assume that he is only using it to support his own selfish agenda??

  5. Johnny Q Reply

    Crowder: I know. I just enjoy the banter. And the fact that you don’t defend yourself.

    Mseeling: You assume that because I mentioned both shopping and fear-mongering that there was a direct correlation between the two. There is not and I did not imply it. Shortly after 9/11, Bush said to go shopping. I personally believe (and you very well may not) that he could have used that moment in history to unite the American people around a more important goal: energy independence, for instance. Then, to justify the Iraq War, the Patriot Act, and the like, he used 9/11 to fear-monger. See, I can state that he used 9/11 for two different purposes without connecting the two. Magic, huh?

    Also, you failed to read my post. Many 9/11 families have been asking for a national day of service for years. What “agenda” is Obama supporting by granting their wishes? Don’t attack a “national day of service” as if it’s Obama’s idea. Those 9/11 families want it; they lost loved ones on 9/11. They are entitled to their opinion. Please lambaste the Republicans who voted for the bill too. They must have a “disgusting” agenda as well.

  6. ShannonS Reply

    Justin, this made me laugh. It is interesting, though. Why not use 9/11–a day of terrifying threats against americans–as another celebration of our freedoms/call defense against terrorists?

    Also, I think the picture/caption was fab.

    PS When is the video going to be UP??

  7. njr Reply

    It’s a rather common tactic to use the cards that are dealt to you. Honestly, I don’t really see the connection between his use of 9/11 and his little talk that he plans to give to kids on September 8th.


    I find it highly unlikely that Obama would talk to kids about H1N1 flu, seeing as he more than likely has little to no expertise in that field.

    What is low is that he prefaces a talk to impressionable kids with “Why is it important that we listen to the President and other elected officials, like the mayor, senators, members of congress, or the governor? Why is what they say important?”

  8. jlcrowde Reply

    @ njr: it is merely conjecture that he will speak about his idea of what it means to “serve.” But, considering the date it isn’t all that unlikely, especially when you take into account that it is one of his favorite subjects to preach upon. Community organizing and all that . . .

    @Shannon: I am glad you liked it. As to the video, I have no idear . . . hopefully soon Mrs. inside information

  9. Christopher Jones Reply

    “I find it highly unlikely that Obama would talk to kids about H1N1 flu, seeing as he more than likely has little to no expertise in that field. ”

    That has never stopped him before.

  10. njr Reply

    True, Chris. I just doubt that he would talk to kids about a topic that neither he nor the kids know anything about.

  11. Johnny Q Reply

    Well, it would be a smart idea seeing as many states are developing plans to deal with a potential outbreak of H1N1 in schools. Obama doesn’t have to be an expert to recommend simple things students can understand: hand-washing, covering your mouth when you sneeze, etc. Those sound like stupid things, but they work.

    However, having researched a little, it seems more along the lines of a “personal responsibility” talk; I figured you guys would support that. And I love how you leave out other activities teachers will be guiding students through, most of which have to do with setting and achieving goals. Your politicking aside, I think this is brilliant.

    Read all the questions:

  12. jlcrowde Reply

    @Melissa: I don’t disagree that there are obviously other bad influences on children. I don’t like them either. But, I don’t want a man who believes he is a “partner with God in matters of life and death” talking to my imaginary child or any other child. They are not old enough to discriminate between ideas or political philosophy. It is my job to disseminate information to my child regarding “service” or whatever other twisted subject Obama will decide to talk about to kindergarteners, it is not the president’s job.

    And, another reason I have a problem with our public schools showing this speech is because obviously the Department of Education is going to be biased towards promoting Obama, their boss. I find Obama diabolical and his ideology/religion evil. Therefore, I wouldn’t want my child, at that age, being exposed to his lies without me there to filter the information.

  13. Johnny Q Reply

    HAHAHA, “evil.” You find Obama ideaology/religion “evil.” You have lost the little credibility I thought you had.

  14. Chelsea Reply

    To Justin: Great post! I read this story the other day, and it reminded me of when teachers had their kids sing songs about Obama during his campaign. If only they could all have uniforms with that rising (or is it setting?) sun logo on it.

    To Chris: Haha, point for you!

  15. Johnny Q Reply

    Oh man, I read the speech, and it looks like you were right about it being completely political/about community organizing/service…

    So you were misguided in your criticism of both this speech and the national day of service, which is supported by families directly affected by 9/11. Mr. Crowder swings and misses twice in one article. As Obama says in the speech: it's hard to be successful. Keep trying!

    • jlcrowde Reply

      "fight poverty and homelessness, crime and discrimination, and make our nation more fair and more free" . . . um, don't get your comment, buddy.

  16. Joe Reply

    “fight poverty and homelessness, crime and discrimination, and make our nation more fair and free”

    Umm… Either you want your country to have less poverty, homelessness, crime, and discrimination… or you want it to have more.

    Perhaps I'm reading too much between the lines here, but the selection of this excerpt from the speech is giving me the sense that the CR is on the "more" side.

    • jlcrowde Reply

      They are loaded terms. Just admit it. I want less poverty and homelessness and crime. However, the way Obama plans to "fight" these things is stupid and immmoral.

      Discrimination is a necessary part of life, without it you couldn't cross the street.

      Lastly, I never ever want my nation more "fair."

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